February may be the shortest month, but the Provar team was very busy. They attended industry training events, networking events, and conferences. This month, our teams went on trips worldwide to meet others in the same field and get ideas.

Read on for great information about February’s events and networking activities, and be sure to check out the Provar blog for all the latest news and industry events! 

Salesforce Ben ISV Demo Jam

Senior Sales Engineer Will Hughes represented Provar in an interactive Salesforce Ben’s AI Demo Jam on Thursday, February 15. AI is taking the world by storm. This Demo Jam offered an incredible opportunity for the audience. They witnessed firsthand the cutting-edge innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Hughes was one of eight presenters. Everyone had three minutes to show off their product’s best AI features and functions and compete for votes from the crowd for two prizes: Best App for Everyday Use and Most Creative Demo. Unfortunately, Provar didn’t win this time. But it was an honor to fight with great organizations. Companies like Pipelaunch, RocketPhone.ai, Swantide, Elements.cloud, nativevideo, and metazoa

London Salesforce Dev Group Meetup

On Wednesday, February 21, the London Salesforce Dev Group held its monthly meetup at LendInvest. Sparh Bhatnagar, Senior Technical Lead at Capgemini, and Amnon Kruvi, Director at Kruvi Solutions, were February’s keynote speakers, and LendInvest and Provar cosponsored the event. Bhatnagar kicked off the event with “Let’s Get Started with Data Cloud,” highlighting Data Cloud’s key features, terminologies, and how it can transform data. Kruvi followed with his presentation, “Easy and Practical Solutions with Salesforce and ChatGPT.” This timely talk showcased using ChatGPT to simplify some of our Salesforce tasks. Keynote speeches were followed by networking and an optional group happy hour. 

Provar Road Show Melbourne 

So that we could make the most of our time Down Under, we held The Provar Roadshow in Melbourne on February 23. This half-day event, held at The Victoria Hotel, was dedicated to transforming how attendees approach Salesforce testing. It featured guest speakers Crystal Warner, Salesforce Capability Lead for the Department for Education South Australia, and Adam Best, Program Architect Director for Salesforce. This lively event included customer success stories, a Provar product showcase, networking opportunities, and an interactive Q&A.

World Tour Sydney

Wednesday, February 28, welcomed an incredible crowd to World Tour Sydney, with Provar team members Ivan Harris (Chief Product and Technology Officer), Susmit Bhattacharya (Account Director), Tarun Prashar (Tech Success Architect), and Jatin Sukhija (Test Architect) in attendance and managing the Provar booth. World Tour Sydney 2024 focused on AI in the Salesforce ecosystem. It offered insights for experts and citizen testers alike to unlock AI’s potential for smarter work and increased productivity. The event included a full day of interactive educational sessions, live demonstrations, and hands-on learning labs. There was also a keynote address and exciting opportunities to network and connect.

World Tour Happy Hour

The Provar team joined our friends from Own Company and Platinum7 to host a fun and festive Happy Hour after World Tour Sydney on Wednesday, February 28, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. This casual event, held at the nearby Marble Bar, offered opportunities for networking, connection, vibrant conversation, cocktails, and small bites. 

Diagram Like an Architect 

On Wednesday, February 28, the London Salesforce Architect Group hosted “Diagram like an Architect” at Own Company. This educational and interactive event empowered attendees to transform their understanding of diagrams and unlock the ability to craft unparalleled, robust, scalable solutions.

Capgemini’s Salesforce Innovation Director Matthew Morris started the event by leading an interactive discussion on “Diagramming,”  followed by PwC Chief Technical Architect Sam Wadhwani’s presentation, “Artifact Dating Agency.”  Provar proudly cosponsored the event with Elements.cloud and Own Company. 

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