Provar is about more than just the best Salesforce testing solutions on the market – we excel in company culture, too! Provar recently wrapped up its “Movember” step challenge in the spirit of camaraderie and well-being, an internal initiative to foster a culture of wellness and team spirit within the organization. Hosted on the Pacer fitness app, this competition saw Provar employees from across the globe step up to the challenge, quite literally, with impressive enthusiasm and dedication.

“Our Culture Club started this challenge because we want to infuse health and wellness into our culture. We felt the Pacer App identified with the culture we have at Provar. It centers around fostering a sense of communal engagement and prioritizing individual well-being. The objective is to encourage everyone to partake in the collective pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, recognizing that the intrinsic value lies in the act of participation.”

– Solomon Johnson, People Partner, Provar

The results were nothing short of inspiring. Teams from Provar’s three offices (India, the UK, and the US) showcased their commitment to fitness, with Team India leading the charge and clinching the top spot with an impressive 7,649,591 steps taken. The UK team followed in second place, logging an admirable 3,064,444 steps, while the US team secured the third position with 1,837,231 steps.

Individual achievements were also celebrated, with the top three steppers from each country being recognized for their efforts. In the US, Suzannel Eberendu (368,588 steps), Rachelle Copeland (297,400 steps), and Dana Risley (148,516 steps) emerged as top performers. Meanwhile, Ivan Harris (301,478 steps), Richard Oliver (295,761 steps), and Eleanor Dearing (271,456 steps) came out ahead in the UK. In India, Samarth Shekhar (622,969 steps), Satyam Singh (534,745 steps), and Ajay Kushwaha (523,318 steps) showcased exceptional dedication to the challenge.

Rachelle Copeland from the US was the winner, drawn from the top three individuals in each country.

Additional rewards were given to Akshay Panwar from India for showing the most progress from week 1 to week 2 and Samarth Shekhar from India for recording the most steps in the initial 7 days of the 21-day challenge.

In total, the collective efforts of Provar participants recorded an impressive 8,842,102 steps. That’s about 4,421.05 miles, roughly equivalent to crossing the United States from coast to coast, traveling from London to Baghdad, or approximately the distance from New York City to Anchorage, Alaska.

This Movember wellness challenge at Provar was more than just a step competition; it was a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering a culture that values the health and wellness of its employees. As the curtains draw on this successful event, the benefits of this initiative continue to resonate, inspiring a healthier, more connected Provar community. We look forward to our next culture-building event!

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