On October 20, 2023, team Provar hosted a webinar showcasing the transformative capabilities of Provar Manager and its continuous quality management hub solution. The webinar, led by Gaggan Rana, Senior Solution Engineer in Sales Engineering at Provar, discussed Provar Manager’s most noteworthy features and its role in streamlining and optimizing testing data within Salesforce-centric workflows.

Did you miss the live event? Don’t worry; you can catch up via the recording!

An Overview of Provar Manager

Provar Manager is a comprehensive and user-friendly test management solution that caters to organizations at every stage of their quality exploration. Acting as a single-view quality hub, this solution effectively manages your entire QA landscape, both within and outside of Salesforce.

As the command and control center for all QA activities, the Provar Manager facilitates efficient planning, building, and execution of Provar Automation test cases. It acts as a holistic repository, accommodating various products, technologies, and frameworks, enhancing the testing experience for organizations across diverse industries. Provar Manager is for testers, DevOps engineers, business analysts, developers, admins, and stakeholders, offering transparency across the entire Salesforce workflow.

Provar Manager integrates with applications throughout the software lifecycle, populating a comprehensive test and quality repository. This integration fosters a unified approach to testing, enabling organizations to achieve a more cohesive and streamlined QA process.

Provar Manager operates on three primary value propositions:


  • Gain control of your testing process with a framework for organizing, documenting, storing, and reporting everything about your test goals aligned with the outcomes achieved.
  • Integrate with applications throughout the software lifecycle to populate a holistic test and quality repository.


  • Collect, report, visualize, and analyze all data related to tests, test executions, deployments, coverage, test results, defects, and test evidence.
  • Gain shared visibility across your team into test plans, results, and quality metrics to improve analysis and fully measure release quality across all applications to support continuous improvement.
  • Compare the quality of features over time and the defects raised per release per functional area or business process.


  • Fine-tune your team’s testing process with a centralized hub for testing integration, execution, reporting, and analysis.
  • Get the information your team needs to mitigate release risk with the resources required to test appropriately.
  • Schedule and integrate your test execution results for unit, security, and functional test automation.

Catch Up on the Conversation

The Provar Manager webinar provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how Provar Manager can be leveraged to enhance their testing practices, optimize workflows, and ensure exceptional product quality. The recording is available now if you missed the webinar or want to rewatch or share it with a colleague.

We look forward to bringing a robust selection of webinars to your screen for continued learning opportunities across your entire pipeline! Be sure to stay in the loop for what’s on deck.

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