As Dreamforce ’23 unfolded, it was clear that the Salesforce world was abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Among the highlights of this year’s event was a compelling conversation that brought together Provar, SalesforceBen, and IBM—a trio of industry leaders—to discuss Salesforce’s current state and its implications for the future.

About the Speakers

Provar has long been recognized for its commitment to quality in automated Salesforce testing and beyond. As a trusted partner in Salesforce’s ecosystem itself, Provar has piloted its partner program, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that organizations and their customers achieve their Salesforce testing goals. This mutually beneficial initiative aims to expedite delivery, offer continuous education opportunities, and uphold the highest quality standards in Salesforce projects.

IBM is one of Provar’s trusted partners, and the company adds a layer of expertise and innovation to the Salesforce conversation. With a deep-rooted commitment to Salesforce and a long-standing reputation for excellence, IBM’s insights are invaluable in understanding the evolving Salesforce landscape.

SalesforceBen, a prominent figure in the Salesforce community and a frequent collaborator with Provar brings together professionals, admins, developers, and enthusiasts worldwide. With insightful articles, expert opinions, and valuable resources, SalesforceBen has guided those navigating the complex Salesforce landscape.

Key Insights from the Talk

The State of Salesforce conversation at Dreamforce ’23 touched on several critical aspects of Salesforce and its future. Here are some key insights:

1. Industry Cloud’s Soaring Growth

One standout trend discussed was the remarkable growth of the industry cloud. According to IBM’s Salesforce State of Salesforce report, industry clouds have become critical to the ecosystem. Pioneering organizations leverage industry clouds 84% more than their peers, signifying their visionary approach to harnessing this technology.

2. Maximizing ROI with Industry Cloud

Pioneers in the Salesforce ecosystem aren’t just using industry clouds more – they’re using more of it. These leaders capitalize on 56% more capabilities offered by Industry Clouds. Their strategic approach translates into a 150% higher return on investment than their counterparts.

3. The Importance of Change Management

The discussion underscored the significance of effective change management in a post-pandemic world where change has become the norm. Organizations that invest in robust change management processes are better equipped to navigate shifts in business processes and embrace innovation.

4. The Power of Data Integration

Breaking down silos of data emerged as a critical theme. By integrating data into Salesforce, organizations can optimize their platform use, gain better customer insights, and drive innovation. Pioneers in this area are uncovering 39% more opportunities, emphasizing the advantages of data integration.

5. AI as a Catalyst for Innovation

AI, powered by quality data, is a driving force behind innovation. Organizations are encouraged to experiment with AI to enhance productivity and meet customer needs effectively. Thanks to initiatives like Salesforce’s Einstein trust layer, trust in AI is growing.

Download the Full Report Today

The insights-packed discussion between Provar, SalesforceBen, and IBM shed light on the evolving landscape of Salesforce, and the full report takes a deep dive into these thoughts and beyond. As we move forward, it is clear that innovation, data integration, and effective change management will play pivotal roles in shaping the Salesforce ecosystem.

Watch the full video of the discussion below!

To delve deeper into these insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of Salesforce, we invite you to download the entire IBM State of Salesforce report here. This report is a valuable resource for organizations seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of Salesforce.

Download the entire IBM State of Salesforce report here, and check out our Partners page for more on Provar’s partner program!