Another Dreamforce conference is over, and the team at Provar is settling back into home bases in various corners of the world. As always, the week was a great success. We are grateful for connecting with old friends and new faces and for the many takeaways from the show. Attendance was less than previous Dreamforce shows, which was to be expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other developer-centric conferences that occurred earlier this year. We spoke with many business and admin professionals, and Dreamforce ‘22 highlighted the end user more than ever. The Provar team also noticed more conversations around industry solutions, a key area we will focus on in the coming months, and how Salesforce prioritizes an apparent acceleration for industry-focused solutions.

Here are our main takeaways from Dreamforce ‘22 from a quality impact standpoint as it concerns our customers and the greater testing community.

What’s New for Salesforce

The headline announcements at Dreamforce ‘22 were the launch of Salesforce Genie and Slack Canvasses. There were also plenty of sessions and subsequent news around DevOps and the development experience. Salesforce DevOpsCenter is soon to become generally available, and as early pilot participants, Provar already provides integration via Provar Manager. Some highlights include the following:

  • Salesforce Genie: The big announcement was Salesforce Genie, a unified data visualization platform. By harmonizing data that is updated every millisecond, it enables teams to meet their customers right where they are. Genie is a real-time data source for Salesforce CDP with a UI that can be surfaced in the Salesforce Clouds on the core platform. With Provar’s support for UI testing and APIs, we are well-placed to support Genie – watch this space!
  • New sandbox and scratch orgs: Salesforce will introduce new sandbox and scratch org capabilities, including a production-grade pod for performance testing. The Provar team is always happy to help support your use of these capabilities as part of your DevOps continuous improvement process. Stay tuned for more information to come.
  • Salesforce Hyperforce: Rolling migration of customers to Salesforce Hyperforce requires URL integration updates and enhanced domains; subsequently, reliable regression testing is critical. This will impact end-to-end integrations for the testing community at large. As it is published, we will release more information on how Provar’s solutions can help you meet any challenges.
  • Salesforce Code Builder: Salesforce Code Builder, a Cloud-hosted web-based development environment optimized for Salesforce that is still in the beta stage, now supports third-party plugins and extensions on its roadmap, providing a Cloud option for testing solutions. This new update is important as it is another way that Salesforce development is enabled in newer and faster ways. Provar always keeps such updates in mind to ensure support is available where you need it. We plan to authenticate ProvarDX for use on Code Builder as soon as the application program opens.

Provar Success Stories Are Increasing

We spoke to many of our customers at our booth and during our events, and one thing is clear: your success stories are increasing. From time-saving data points to productivity improvements, you shared your struggles and how Provar’s solutions meet you wherever you are on your quality journey. We caught up with two of our customers, Salesforce and Alm. During our “Transforming Test Automation and Quality” theater session, Brand Group outlined their success stories in this blog post. If you would like to share your success stories using Provar’s solutions, contact us today. At the next Dreamforce, it could be you on stage with us!

The Power of Slack as an Internal Tool

As many companies integrate Slack into their tech stack, any new capabilities are essential to keep in mind. Slack can now canvas Salesforce Cloud data inside its platform, moving from a previous focus of only needing API testing to include a need for UI verification. Customers may begin surfacing data directly inside Slack, so the testing community must consider any UI implications. New Slack huddles with video capabilities will also be coming soon, transforming remote working for distributed teams. On the Provar front, our team is always looking for new ways to integrate Slack into our Provar Manager and Provar Automation capabilities. Keep an eye on our blog for future updates.

Did you meet with our team at Dreamforce? Were you unable to make the show but still want to chat? Connect with us today to schedule a demo or consultation!