On July 27th, 2023, Provar held a webinar to go over its flagship test automation solution, Provar Automation, complete with a demo and a lively Q&A session. Leading the charge in Salesforce test automation since 2014, Provar Automation has built a reputation of excellence thanks to its resilient tests, comprehensive and customizable capabilities, and ease of use. Joe Garza, Provar’s Senior Solution Engineer, hosted the webinar. In this blog post, we’ll recap the great insights he shared with participants.

Joe highlighted the challenges that Salesforce users face in their test automation journey. One of the biggest is that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with Salesforce’s robust platform. While generic solutions might work for other CRMs, Salesforce’s dynamic elements and frequent changes make standard automation difficult. Joe discussed how Provar Automation’s unique approach utilizing Salesforce metadata provides greater resilience, reducing the need to rework test scripts continuously.

Provar Automation’s 4 Pillars

Provar Automation was built on 4 pillars to drive its success, and the solution continues to champion these values with every advancement and update it introduces. The 4 pillars are:


Provar Automation’s use of the information found within Salesforce’s metadata enables automated tests to adapt to changes in Salesforce, making the tests future-proof. The metadata-driven approach ensures that tests continue functioning, even with Salesforce’s frequent updates.

“It allows you to build those tests one time and have that metadata future-proof you from what Salesforce is changing.”

– Joe Garza, Senior Solution Engineer


Provar Automation is designed to be intuitive, making building automated tests much more accessible. It’s built precisely how Salesforce’s platform is, and it is user-friendly, with an easily accessible entry point for all DevOps team members.


Provar Automation’s unique approach allows one test case to accommodate multiple scenarios, making it highly reusable.

“Using Provar’s approach, you can create one test case that can work in different profiles with different layouts, languages, and environments.”

– Joe Garza, Senior Solution Engineer


Provar Automation excels in end-to-end testing, allowing for external integrations, such as APIs and databases, making it a comprehensive solution for Salesforce testing.

“A quote from Dreamforce 2022 by Salesforce themselves: ‘We went from spending three months to doing the same effort in one week’s time with one human using Provar Automation.'”

– Joe Garza, Senior Solution Engineer

A Live, Interactive Demo

During the webinar, Joe showcased a live demonstration of Provar Automation’s capabilities. The demonstration was conducted within a local desktop installation of Provar, showcasing the simplicity of getting started. Users can connect to Salesforce with their credentials, and Provar Automation automatically downloads the metadata to understand the Salesforce environment.

The live demonstration highlighted the ease of building automation using Provar Automation’s Test Builder, an incredibly intuitive process. Using metadata in Automation’s approach ensures that tests are more resilient and less prone to breaking due to Salesforce changes and application customizations.

The demonstration also showcased how Provar Automation makes it easy to test multiple scenarios with a single test case, significantly reducing test execution time and allowing testers to spend more time driving creation and innovation.

The Provar Automation webinar delivered on its promise to leave participants with a thorough understanding of how the solution can best support their DevOps quality goals. If you missed the live event, you can catch the recording on our YouTube channel! Thanks to all who joined and to Joe Garza for an insights-packed presentation (as always!).

Questions on the webinar, or curious how Provar’s solutions can help you maintain quality within your Salesforce org? Connect with one of our experts today!