On June 29th, Provar had the privilege of attending World Tour London 2023, a one-day conference bringing together Salesforce industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe. 

Here’s a recap of Provar’s participation in World Tour London 2023.

Provar Participation and Sponsorship

Team Provar joined World Tour London 2023 as a Navigator Sponsor. During the event, our dedicated sponsor team proudly demonstrated a range of quality solutions offered by Provar, including Provar Automation, designed for seamless Salesforce test automation, and Provar Manager, the centralized quality hub for your Salesforce organization.

  • Geraint Waters, Chief Executive Officer
  • Richard Clark, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Eleanor Dearing, Head of Partners and Alliances
  • Samuel Arroyo, VP of Product
  • Nick Sayles, Product Manager
  • Ivan Harris, Chief Product and Technology Officer
  • Matt Coker, Senior Business Transformation Manager
  • Mark Scott, Account Director
  • Luigi Castellano, Product Marketing Manager
  • Robert West, Business Development Representative
  • Will Hughes, Solutions Engineer
  • Aastha Jain, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Piyush Srivastav, Head of Customer Success
  • Emily Cropsey, Manager of Events and Sponsorships
  • Simon Carter, Senior Technical Product Manager

The highlight of the conference was the talk, “Get Started with Salesforce Development,” delivered by Provar’s Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Clark. The session helped to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to embark on their Salesforce development journey. Richard shared his expertise, providing an overview of the best features available to Salesforce developers and offering guidance on how to get started using them. 

Following the conference, Provar hosted an after-party in collaboration with makepositive, Coveo, Upland Software, MaestroQA, Vertex, and Quality Clouds. The after-party allowed attendees to unwind, exchange ideas, and foster valuable connections. 

World Tour London 2023 was an extraordinary event that brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts for inspiration, learning, and networking. Provar remains grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such remarkable events and looks forward to participating in more in the future!

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