Executive Summary

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to the Provar product suite with our Summer ‘24 Release 1. This release includes compatibility with the Salesforce Summer ‘24 release to keep your tests working as expected. You can now download and install Summer ‘24 Release 1 via the Provar Success Portal

Salesforce Summer ‘24 changes

Lookup replaced with Advanced Search screenThis is the biggest change in Summer ’24, where the Advanced Search screen replaces the Lookup screen. This advanced search change affects all Salesforce objects and has a wide impact. Additionally, it now follows the LWC design pattern. Provar scripts with legacy lookup test steps will seamlessly adapt to this change and work without any changes, saving significant time for Provar users.
Home Page impacted across objectsThe Home Page, in Summer ’24, is widely impacted across objects due to URI target changes for the home screen where additional underscores are added with the Recent parameter in the URL. This has impacted all the elements on the Home Page. However, Provar scripts will remain unaffected by this change and will work without any change.
Picklists impacted due to DOM structure changeIn Summer ’24, Picklists were impacted by a change in the DOM structure across objects; now, the role attribute is changed from ‘menuitemradio’ to ‘option’ across New and Edit screens. This may have disrupted automation scripts. While Provar scripts will adapt to these changes seamlessly without any script change, reviewing any relevant page objects for potential adjustments is advisable.
LWC rendering for Record Owner on Lead ConvertThe Record Owner field on Lead Convert was updated to LWC rendering from the normal DOM in Summer ’24; the new tag is now LWC, ‘lightning-record-picker.’ Since it’s a new type of field, it has impacted the automation scripts. However, Provar scripts will keep working without extra effort or changes to the scripts.
Aura info changed for Recent ItemsSummer ’24 shows that there have been changes in the Aura information for Recent Items on Account, which has impacted the Recent item execution. However, Provar scripts will work without any change, but if you are using page objects, you may need a review or change.
Einstein search box DOM changesIn Summer ’24, the Einstein search box had DOM changes; previously it was ‘slds-global-header__item–search,’ and now it’s ‘slds-global-header__item_search.’ While Provar scripts will seamlessly adapt to this change, reviewing any associated page objects for potential adjustments is advisable.
Utility bar close windowThe utility bar in Summer ’24 is impacted due to a class attribute change, which has been renamed from ‘slds-col_bump-left’ to ‘slds-col–bump-left’ regarding the Utility bar close window. Although Provar scripts remain unaffected, reviewing any relevant page objects is recommended to ensure compatibility with the updated DOM structure.
Choose pricebook popup screenTags for the Choose pricebook popup screen have been updated from anchor tags to input. While Provar scripts will continue to operate without issues, reviewing any relevant page objects is recommended to ensure compatibility with the updated tag structure.
Created By and Modified by fields DOM changedThe class’ displayLabel’ has been removed from the View Screen, Created By, and Modified by fields across the objects. While Provar scripts will remain unaffected by this change, reviewing any relevant page objects is recommended to ensure compatibility with the updated DOM structure.
VF pages impacted due to DOM changesDOM changes have impacted VF pages scaffold, and a new div tag has been introduced in the Summer ’24 release. Although Provar scripts will continue to function as expected, reviewing any relevant page objects for potential updates is recommended to ensure compatibility with the new DOM structure.
Contacts Fields, Related List, and Related Lists SingleIn Summer ’24, the class attribute ‘flex-wrap-ie11’ was removed as part of DOM changes for Contact object fields and Related Lists Single and Related List Components. This has caused some disruption to the automation scripts. While Provar scripts will continue to function smoothly, reviewing any associated page objects for potential adjustments is recommended.

Provar Automation Features and Enhancements

Summer ‘24 Advanced Search Compatibility

With this Summer ‘24 update, we have updated all lookup screens to the Advanced Search screen. Users can now map and perform tests directly from the Advanced Search to create and add tests using regression packs. Supported elements are as follows:

  • Search Field
  • Search Button
  • Selection of Radio button for records
  • Select and Cancel buttons
  • Table/List functionality, including headers and column items

Legacy support was maintained for the Summer ‘24 release, ensuring existing lookup steps work effectively without changing the existing scripts.

Enhanced Support for API Response Code

We have improved API testing possibilities for our users. With this upgrade, Provar can test all API response codes, including negative cases such as’ 422 Unprocessable Entity’ and’ 500 Internal Server Error’. Testers may rely on Provar to pass tests regardless of the return code, ensuring complete coverage of API testing situations. This functionality applies to SOAP and REST web service calls, ensuring a consistent testing experience across service types.

Test Cycle Support for Test Plans for Automation 

Now, users can use the Test Cycle feature alongside Test Plans for CLI executions. You’ll notice the option to configure the Test Cycle on the Test Plan’s export ANT window. This enhancement enables users to rerun failed test instances based on the test cycle configuration. It’s important to note that this feature should only be used for Test Plan executions directly via Automation CLI. For Provar Manager usage, please use the test cycle feature provided directly on the Provar Manager interface and refrain from combining the two. Find more information here.

Lightning Article Editor Support

Salesforce introduced the Lightning Article Editor, a new editor for Rich Text editors. Provar users can now take advantage of improved testing capabilities with the Lightning Article Editor, which is meant to simplify validation processes for knowledge articles. This connection enables seamless test mapping and execution, the ability to establish custom editor configurations, validation of both editable and non-editable modes, expansion of interaction capabilities, and backward compatibility across multiple versions. Find more information here.

Note: There are some known Test Builder issues for LWC_Legacy, which are as follows:

  • Test Step” getting failed with “No Such Element Exception” in every first “On Screen” in Test Builder.
  • “Uncaught (in Promise) Type Error” is encountered when the “Edit Button” is clicked.

We are analyzing these issues and will fix them in future releases.

Metadata Process Improvement – Phase 2

As part of Phase 2, we have further enhanced Org and Connection metadata processing to shorten processing times and enhance Provar Automation performance. We have improved Metadata download times for new connections, Reload Metadata, First Mapping, and Record Display processing. Here are the statistics from our sample test orgs:

CategoryImprovements Up to
New Connection – Org Browser Display58%
Reload Metadata57%
First Mapping15%
Org browser – Object Record Display52%

These statistics are consolidated from various types of organizations and may vary depending on their type, complexity, and available processing resources. However, we have also seen improvements of up to 78% in certain organizations.

Metadata Download Size and Time

This instrumentation attribute allows reporting metadata reload time and size without impacting product performance or functional usage. This reporting empowers us to optimize performance, proactively assist customers, and improve reliability as understanding metadata download times is critical for successfully dealing with customer issues. Find more information here.

Security Improvement

In our ongoing efforts to enhance our product, we have rectified a vulnerability associated with the HtmlUnit library. We have resolved this issue by updating the library to the most recent, non-vulnerable version (v3.11.0).

Provar Manager Features & Enhancements

With Provar Manager version 3.4.0, the following features and enhancements are now available:

Release Management App

Sprint Completion Process

We’ve added a new button to Sprints which helps complete them and move the outstanding issues to a new or existing sprint.

Support for Custom Fields and Outputs for Test Case Generation 

We have added an enhancement that allows testers to insert more fields from user stories and select different output formats using AI-generated test cases. This feature lets users choose which fields from the Issue record (user story) to send to the AI for evaluation. With this enhancement, customers can choose between “BDD (Gherkin)” and “Plain” formats based on their team’s preferences. The “Plain” format generates test steps without following a specified pattern, allowing for greater freedom in test case representation.

Test Management App

Persona-based Testing

We’ve added a new feature that allows testers to construct Personas and assign test cases or issues for reporting and test execution from a persona’s perspective. This upgrade includes adding a new Persona object and tab accessible to users with Release Management and Test Management permission settings. Test Case now has a new field called “Persona,” accessible to users with the Test Management permission set. Issue management now adds a new field called “Persona,” accessible to users with the Release Management permission set. 

Exploratory Testing 

We are pleased to introduce an enhancement that allows testers to record and view exploratory testing sessions. Test Execution record pages now display the session timeline on the right for type Exploratory Testing test cases. Additionally, this allows testers to record their exploratory testing sessions for later analysis. When you click the “Start Session” button on a test case, a pop-up box displays the test case name, goals, test charter, and time permitted. Users can choose the target environment, Test Project, and Test Plan (if not already selected in the test case), then record steps, add text, record audio, take screenshots, upload files, report faults, and identify risks during the session. 

Test Project Deletion

This new feature improves the deletion process for test projects in Provar. Testers can delete a test project and all associated items, including test cases and plans, without first deleting connected records. Furthermore, users will no longer receive error messages indicating the existence of associated entries throughout the deletion process.

Enhanced Test Case Execution Time Tracking

We have added test case execution time tracking for testers. Users can now enter the estimated execution time for test cases into a number field labeled “Estimated Execution Time” on the Test Case page. Furthermore, testers can observe the average execution time of test cases by selecting the “Average Execution Time” field from the Test Case page layout. This column generates the average based on the run time of associated finished test execution records, which is useful for reporting and planning balanced test cycles.

Test Cycle UX Improvements 

Users can now create test cycles directly from the Test Project view, with the option to select test plan test suites that will be automatically added to the test cycle upon creation. The test execution table on the test cycle record page now shows linked test suites, offering a more complete view of test execution details. On the test cycle record page, users may also view test execution totals, including executions that were passed, failed, or skipped, as well as the execution progress.

Automatic Sample Test Plan Generation

Provar Manager now provides an automatic sample test plan generation feature when installed. This addition intends to help testers learn how to construct a test plan by including a pre-configured sample test plan. The sample test plan is helpful, demonstrating best practices and structure for building thorough test plans in Provar Manager.

Enhanced Permission Sets in Provar Manager

We have improved the permission settings in Provar Manager, giving administrators greater flexibility and control over access setups without needing to view/modify all permissions. The new permission sets, such as Provar Manager Release Management and Provar Manager Test Operations, address specific roles and duties in the testing environment. Furthermore, alternate permission set groups such as QAOps, Release, and Test Management simplify access management for various teams. 

Test Operations App

Apex Invocable Action Available to Customer Flows

This update simplifies flow development processes, allowing Test Ops Engineers to improve automation capabilities and workflow efficiency inside Provar. The accessible Apex actions, such as Get Test Suites with Test Cases, Run Code Scan Schedules, Run Coverage Report Schedules, and Run Test Plan Schedules, can now be used smoothly within flows.

Provar Grid Features & Enhancements

Environment Variable Support 

Users can now define environment variables directly within the Provar Grid test plan schedule settings page, allowing for easy parameterization of automated test cases. These environment variables can be added, updated, and deleted as needed. They can also be designated as secret to hide their true values in the UI, assuring security and secrecy. Environment variables are automatically supplied to LambdaTest via the current API callout, speeding up the integration process and improving automation capabilities.

Connection Validation 

Provar Grid users can now confirm their connection data (username, access token, and Provar Licence key) while saving to ensure that tests run smoothly. This feature contains a “Test Connection” button, which examines the validity of the connection. If the Provar Grid connection details are correct, the user will see a notification indicating that validation was accomplished. If the details are incorrect, a notice prompts the user to fix the connection details.

Platform Updates

Browser Compatibility Updates

As part of our pre-release testing, we have confirmed that Automation v2.13.1 is compatible with Chrome version 124.

Why is this important?

Ensuring that Automation v2.13.1 includes ChromeDriver 124 and is compatible with Chrome 124 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues, which could prevent test cases from working as expected.

How can I use this?

If you want to start using Chrome 124, we recommend upgrading to Provar Automation v2.13.1, which will use ChromeDriver 124 out of the box.

Automation will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can manually override the ChromeDriver. 

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver, refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that differs from the one provided by default in your Provar Automation installation.

Browser and Driver Combinations Recommended for Provar Automation v2.13.1

For a comprehensive guide, please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article.  

End of Life for Jira and SVN Plugin Support

We have discontinued the support and use of the Jira and SVN plugins for Provar Automation. The installer size has been reduced and the dependencies have been removed.

Additionally, Legacy editors will be removed from the upcoming release.

University of Provar 

The newest course at the University of Provar is Test Automation Strategy with Provar, which introduces creating a test automation strategy for Provar Automation. Check it out here

Customer Support

Providing ongoing support is our promise to you. If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact us anytime; we are happy to help. To get in touch, simply log in to the Provar Success Portal and select ‘Raise a Case,’ or reach out directly to your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. 

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