Provar’s quality Salesforce solutions offer entry points for professionals at every stage of their DevOps journey.

From managing and organizing your data, to automating your testing strategy, to scaling your test execution, we have the solution for you — whether you choose one or the entire end-to-end package.

Infinity is a cloud-first solution combining Provar Manager, Provar Automation, and Provar Grid into a single product suite to deliver continuous quality testing for Salesforce.





Provar Manager is our single-view quality hub that houses a customer's entire QA landscape. It acts as a front end for planning, building, and executing Provar Automation test cases and a holistic repository for all QA activities using any product, technology, or framework. Manager is the command and control center for all QA activities.


Provar Automation allows users to streamline their testing approach and achieve their testing goals. Built as a Salesforce-native testing solution, Automation allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously, inside and outside of Salesforce. It also features interactive test authoring, smart autocomplete to add dynamic test data, reusable and customizable capabilities, and more. The leading solution for automated Salesforce testing since 2014, Automation also integrates with a number of testing tools to support a team’s continuous test automation needs.


Provar Grid allows users to rapidly increase the speed of their QA execution times while improving operational efficiency and flexibility. A seamless integration to Provar Manager’s test lifecycle, Provar Grid enables users to plan, schedule, and execute their tests entirely in the cloud, in parallel, with zero additional infrastructure.

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