Executive Summary

We’re happy to announce the latest updates to the Provar product suite with our Winter ‘24 Release 1. This release includes Provar Automation compatibility with the Salesforce Winter ‘24 release, keeping your tests in line with Salesforce changes. This latest release is now available for installation via the Provar Success Portal.

Provar Automation Features and Enhancements

New Multi-Factor and SSO Authentication Features

Single Sign-On for Non-Salesforce Applications

This functionality expands our current SSO support, enabling SSO login for applications other than Salesforce by selecting the SSO connection from the list of available connections. Find more information here.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Provar users can now securely log in to applications using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using TOTP. This feature allows users to start apps and develop Provar test cases with better security measures. Find more information here.

Combined Multi-factor and SSO Authentication

We have added support for Single Sign-On (SSO) along with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP). With the help of this feature, Provar users will securely log in to applications that use MFA+SSO procedures, making it easier to launch applications and execute Provar scripts. Find more information here.

Drag and Drop Feature for Test Steps in the Test Builder

We’ve added a new feature to Test Builder that will help you manage your test cases better: the ability to drag and drop existing Test Steps within the Test Case tree. This feature allows you to reorganise Test Steps within a Test Case directly from Test Builder, removing the need to switch to Provar Studio. This simplified procedure saves you time and improves your overall testing workflow.

Salesforce Dynamic Related List Support

Provar users can now easily map and execute Salesforce Dynamic Related List Single interactions. This improvement allows users to write extensive test scripts that use dynamic related list interactions within Salesforce, ensuring that testing efforts stay fast and effective. Find more information here.

Additional support for Salesforce Lightning Web Components for the NitroX Beta release

We are aware that there are LWC breaking changes in Winter 24 which would affect the current NitroX FACT Components. The details of the Salesforce change can be found here. This may cause your existing NitroX Test Steps to fail, but we will be providing an update to the FACT-Lightning package in short order and you shouldn’t need to make any changes to your Test Steps once the updated package is automatically downloaded.

Integration with Provar Manager

Sync Test Case Maintainer with Provar Manager

Provar Automation can now use the Test Case Maintainer tag on a test case to set the Test Case Owner in Provar Manager as part of the upload process. You only need to set the tag’s description to an email address that matches a Person record’s email address in Manager.

Simplified Manager Connection Setup

Users can now set up their connection to Manager faster by choosing the new “OAuth (managed)” option in the Connection dialog. This option doesn’t require setting up a connected app in Manager in the first place.

Provar Manager Upload Dialog Enhancements

The following changes have been made to the upload dialog for Provar Manager:

  • Items on the Provar Test Object column are sorted alphanumerically within their categories (plan, environments, and more). 
  • There are now two new buttons: Expand All button which expands the tree in the current view, and Collapse All, which closes all items in the current view when pressed.
  • The upload dialog for the test suite case (test instance) now indicates whether a test suite case (test instance) is linked or missing in Provar Manager.

Provar Manager Features and Enhancements

With Provar Manager version 2.22.0, the following features and enhancements are now available:

  • Quality Center now supports custom date ranges.
  • Users can leverage AI to generate a preliminary Root Cause Analysis report from defect records related to Apex unit test executions.
  • The Test Executions component on the Test Cycle record page now shows the platform and browser when present.
  • Users can retry test executions from the Test Cycle record page. Grid and Salesforce Apex are supported. 

Provar Grid Features and Enhancements

With Provar Manager version 2.22.0, the following features and enhancements are now available for Grid:

  • Users can select specific versions of Provar to use for execution.
  • Test results polling is decreased from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Microsoft Edge is now supported.
  • Increased time-out limits.

Platform Updates

Browser Compatibility Updates

As part of our pre-release testing, we have confirmed that Automation v2.11.1 is compatible with Chrome versions 115 and 116.

NOTICE Due to a bug in ChromeDriver, make sure that if using Chrome v115, then the version is at least 115.0.5790.170, which includes the fix for the mentioned bug. 

Why is this important?

We are ensuring that Automation v2.11.1 includes ChromeDriver 115 and is compatible with Chrome 115 and 116, eliminating the risk of incompatibility issues which could prevent test cases from working as expected.

How can I use this?

If you want to start using Chrome 115 or 116, we recommend upgrading to Provar Automation v2.11.1, which will use ChromeDriver 115 and 116 out of the box.

Chrome Versioning Enhancement

In Chrome version 115 GA, an issue was identified related to the functionality of versioning in cases where an incompatible Chromedriver is present in the Provar User home directory. This issue was not observed in Chrome Beta 115 and was functioning correctly. We verified the versioning scenario and implemented the fix where drivers are downloaded when neither a compatible driver is present in the build nor the same browser version driver is available.

SauceLab Data Center URL Updates

In this release, we have addressed an issue that caused test cases to fail on SauceLabs due to API rate limits. Users encountered a 439 (rate limit exceeded) response from the URL, impacting the smooth execution of test cases. We updated the data center’s base URL to resolve this issue and used the HTTPS protocol by appending ‘api.’ to the hostname according to the most recent SauceLab manual.

Discontinuation of Jira, SVN, and TEE Plugin

Following a thorough review of our product strategy and consideration of significant customer feedback, we are planning to discontinue the following plugins: Jira, SVN (Subversion), and TEE (Team Explorer Everywhere) in future releases. Please keep in mind that Jira integration through REST will remain unaffected. 

If any of your teams are currently using these plugins, please contact us at support@provartesting.com. We’d like to discuss the possibilities of alternate solutions that fit your needs.

CLI License Check Reminder

Please review the CLI license check notice, as it will be mandatory for future releases.

Provar Labs

With the 2.11.1 release, the following changes are now available for Provar Labs:

  • Omitted the dependency upon the external utility jar for the Docker Runner (Run With Docker) feature.
  • Added compatibility to use Docker Runner for encrypted test projects or test environments.
  • Logger implementation changes for Docker Runner to tackle log discrepancies. 
  • Performance improvements for Docker Runner.
  • Improved performance of Generate Test Case API.
  • Fixed the generated test cases row mapping concerns.

University of Provar

New Courses: Provar Grid; Regression Testing

University of Provar (UP) has launched some new courses. Take Provar Grid to discover our latest product and its role in software quality. Check out 5 Minute Microlearning: Regression Testing to learn about this critical testing. Visit UP to learn more!

Stay tuned for the second course in our AI series, AI for Software Quality Assurance — coming soon!

We appreciate your trust and support and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional products and services. For further assistance, we encourage you to check out our website, take courses at the University of Provar, collaborate with the Provar Community, or reach out to your Customer Success Specialist.

Appendix: Salesforce Winter ’24 Changes

Significant changes on Inline Edit screen around different fields and interactionsThe Inline Edit is now rendered using Lightning Web Components (LWC), improving user experience and providing stronger accessibility support.Provar is now compatible and handles these LWC style Inline Edit screens as well, without the need to update any existing test case. Any custom PO that you have written for it will be affected.
Changes around Footer buttons on New/Edit/Inlline Edit screensChange in the LWC structure, name and rendering of Footer buttons like Save, Save & New and Cancel buttons on New/Edit/Inline Edit screens. It has caused an interruption in the execution with Winter ’24. Provar now handles such LWC changes, without any need for any update in the test script. Fresh mapping will also keep on working. However, any custom PO using any of these properties will most likely be impacted.
Disappearing Highlight Panel buttons under the extended menuDue to a recent change in Winter 24, the Action buttons under more disappear on Righ Click, and the user is unable to map the buttons to create the script. Now Provar handles this change by cusomizing the behavior because of which the button list persists on Right Click, and the user is able to map and add the fields in the test case. This change doesn’t impact the existing test case execution
Changes around lookupsIn Winter 24, lookups are now moving toward Lightning Web Component (LWC) style, and due to this framework change the Dom rendering of lookup has changed. Provar handles these changes without requiring any changes in the existing Provar test cases. However, PO, using these dom properties for custom Xpath creation, will be impacted
Dynamic FormsDynamic Forms screens are adopting to Lightning Web Component framework and hence the dom rendering has changed to LWC now. This has impacted the field error assertions on the screens. Provar is compatible with these changes. Existing scripts will work without any change.
Changes in Aura ComponentIn Winter ’24, the DOM structure under Aura components for lightning input fields like Text, Number, Email etc has changed to LWC style, now these input fields are rendered under lightning-primitive-input-simple. This will cause interruption if you are using any of these under PO for custom locators, however, Provar is compatible with these changes now and doesn’t require any change in the existing Provar tests.
Changes in Utility BarDOM Structure changes for Utility Bar components, header link rendering used to be under anchor tag earlier now it has changed to div tag along with the changes under child tags. Provar handles all these changes and doesn’t require any test case updation. However, if any custom PO locator is used around the Utility bar component, may require updation.
Extended Tabs on Flexi PagesChild tag additions under menu items child tags for Tab components on Flexipage. This may cause issues with the navigation of the components under more tabs. Provar is compatible with these changes. Custom PO using these for custom implementation may need to be updated.
Changes in Case History RLRendering for Case History RL is changed to Lightning Web Component (LWC) style. Provar handles these changes and is compatible with previous releases as well. No test case changes are needed. Any custom PO used will have to be updated.
Address fields on the View ScreenIn Winter 24, address fields dom rendering is showing the changes of Lightning Web Component. It has impacted all address fields on all objects. Provar handles these changes and is compatible with previous releases as well. No test case changes are needed. However, if any custom PO locator is used around address fields, may require updation.
Clone with related record screenThe child tag under lightning input has changed for Clone with the related record screen however, the styling is the same. Provar is compatible and handles these changes with Winter 24, No test case change is needed. Any custom PO used for this, have to be updated.

Enhanced Domain Changes

This stands out as a significant change in Winter 24. This update affects application and login URL formats across your Salesforce org The domain suffix will change for Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, content files, Site.com Studio, Experience Builder, community and Visualforce URLs, consequently, logins, including authentication methods like SSO and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Provar is fully equipped to handle these changes, ensuring the smooth execution of your scripts without any modifications to your Provar test cases.

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