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End-to-End Test Automation Built for Salesforce®

Provar’s mission is to support all of your Salesforce testing needs:

We were able to increase productivity 12x and one QE wrote the scripts in one week [with Provar Automation].”


Reduce your maintenance efforts and build automated tests that last


Easily create, execute, and debug tests through our intuitive low-code interface 


Test critical business processes from start to finish in one platform

Why choose Provar?

Our testing solutions are unmatched in resilience thanks to our metadata-driven approach.

Why Provar

Other test automation solutions use traditional, maintenance-heavy methods that are unstable with change, where tests are built on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the DOM.

Provar employs stable locators for elements found by leveraging Salesforce’s metadata model. With every Salesforce release, our solution automatically updates its locators so your tests remain strong.

The same approach is taken with your own app customizations, since we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Salesforce testing.

You deserve a test automation solution that won’t falter in the face of innovation.


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