If your test automation solution relies on unstable structures like the DOM to build tests, you are at risk for potentially catastrophic effects across your Salesforce org.

Testing your Salesforce orgs is a necessity in this age of rapid change. If your testing strategy isn’t built on a solid foundation, your business processes are at risk.

The problem with most test automation solutions on the market today is that they utilize unstable structures, like the DOM (Document Object Model), to build tests. This is an outdated practice that could cause your tests to break, or worse, your entire Salesforce org to crumble.

Beware – not all test building capabilities are created equal in automated testing. If your test automation solution isn’t using the information within Salesforce’s metadata to build its tests, you might as well bring back the spreadsheets of the manual testing days.

This White Paper covers
After reading, you will be armed with the knowledge to build your own solid testing foundation using factors that are the least likely to shift (metadata rather than DOM) and a strong base of robust, reliable tests for a strategy that will stand through any weather.

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