Provar Joins With Supermums to Address Talent Shortage in Salesforce Automation

Upskilling women in Salesforce and Salesforce app testing to add more skilled professionals to the ranks of highly skilled technology workers. 

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.—April 20, 2022 — As part of a focused effort to address the acute shortage of technical talent in the Salesforce ecosystem, Provar has become a partner and sponsor of the Supermums Admin Course in the United States. The course equips trainees with foundational, in-demand skills in cloud computing and the Salesforce CRM platform.

As a leader in test automation for Salesforce and Salesforce applications, Provar recognizes the challenges of the Covid-era workforce and sees this partnership as a meaningful step toward bridging gaps in both the tech talent shortage and the drop in the women’s employment rate. Salesforce estimates that it will create 9.3 million jobs globally by 2026, and Provar is in a unique position to help raise awareness and scale the number of trainees for this program in the United States.

At the beginning of the pandemic, women made up 39 percent of global employment but accounted for 54 percent of overall job losses when a 2020 report by McKinsey was released. In tandem, the shortage of skilled talent in the workforce could result in 85 million jobs going unfulfilled by 2030, according to a report by Korn Ferry.

Upskilling the workforce is one solution to this challenge. The focus of Supermums is to provide women and other professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem training, work experience, mentoring, coaching, and job readiness support, and Provar is committed to supporting this mission. 

“At Provar, we recognize that we have an opportunity to elevate women and specifically mothers, a vital segment of the global workforce, through alliances like the new partnership that we’ve created with SuperMums,” shares Geraint Waters, co-founder and CEO of Provar. “Supporting training in skills specific to Salesforce helps everyone involved, and we’re thrilled to support their mission and community.”

“I’m delighted to be working with Provar to help upskill women and the rest of our Salesforce talent community,” comments Heather Black, CEO of Supermums. “Having skills and knowledge in a trusted set of products is valuable in the toolbox of any Salesforce Professional. It adds value to our CV and supports confidence and career progression by building credibility. This new initiative and partnership help us to enhance our mission one step further.”

Learn more about the transformational mission of Supermums, as well as ways to get involved with their community today. 

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