We know how tough it can be to choose the right test automation solution for your team. It’s a little bit like picking the right wine. There are a lot of factors to consider, but our resident automation experts (and sometimes sommeliers), Tristan Lombard (Director of Community) and Cyril Otalora (Director of Solution Engineering), have got you covered in our latest Taste Automation video!

Here’s a rundown of the three tips Tristan and Cyril discuss, both for choosing the right test automation solution and for getting your best wine experience on.

  1. Gathering cross-functional business requirements
    Look at the different stakeholders!

When you’re buying wine, the first thing you do is think about who’s going to be enjoying the wine with you and what their tastes are, right? Same goes with choosing the right test automation solution. You’ll want to start by looking at the different stakeholders:

  • What departments play a role (sales, IT, finance, etc.)?
  • What are the goals for each, and what tests can you automate to help with these processes?

This will help identify the correct test automation solution for you.

  1. Beware of the maintenance hangover
    Free is not always free!

Free is rarely free … and if you skip out on assessing value, you could be in for a big old maintenance hangover! As it often goes with wine, cheap or free software might give you a headache the next day. Really consider the value you’re getting from your test automation solution and think of the maintenance it requires. For instance, if you’re considering a software that doesn’t require licenses, you may have to fill the gaps by hiring more resources. Valueless solutions can also lead to the dreaded rework spiral – no one wants to spend more time maintaining or reworking tests than they do running them! With good software (and good wine!), you’ll get better results, higher attrition rates, and an excited team.

  1. Do your research and ask the experts
    Ask your industry peers, check reviews, and talk to analysts!

Picture this. You’re dining at a new, high-end restaurant and are presented with a beautiful 400-bottle wine list to pair with your meal. You wouldn’t make a blind pick without consulting the sommelier first, correct? So why would you do the same when choosing a test automation solution? Make sure to do your research by asking your industry peers, consulting analysts, and checking reviews from reputable sites like G2 Crowd. You can also ask for references – at Provar, we’ll gladly provide you with feedback from our customers so you get the solution you deserve!

Check out the full Taste Automation video at our YouTube channel. Want to consult with us further? Reach out with your test automation goals, and we’ll share how Provar can help you achieve them today!