April was a busy month for the Provar engineering team, but there’s one extra-special new feature we’d like to highlight! Read on to find out more about the Salesforce Test Integration Package.

Salesforce Test Integration Package

What is the Salesforce Test Integration Package?

This is an AppExchange solution to help you integrate the results of your Provar tests into Salesforce for analysis and reporting.

Why should I care?

If you want to store and report on your Provar test results in Salesforce, this app gives you everything you need to get up and run. It has a preconfigured set of objects, fields, and reports that you can use ‘out of the box’ or adjust to meet your needs. We’ve also provided some sample Provar test cases you can use to write your results, with instructions on integrating them into your overall test suite. Learn more.

How Does the Salesforce Test Integration Package Work?

Please review our detailed write-up to learn how to access and configure the AppExchange package. Alternatively, watch the video below for an explanation by our Head of Salesforce Engineering, Richard Clark.

Customers have access to all these features already. If you’re not a customer, get in touch to learn more about how your team could benefit from Provar’s test automation for Salesforce.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new features. Please share your thoughts on Twitter or drop us a line below!