This is the final blog in a miniseries about how Provar Grid can help organizations rapidly increase the speed of their QA execution times while improving operational efficiency and flexibility. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2!

Leaders at organizations that use Salesforce for their everyday operations will tell you — achieving balance among quality, cost, and time in testing can seem impossible — especially at scale. To successfully manage this triple constraint, AKA the Project Triangle, organizations need a resilient and reliable quality testing and management solution that breaks the Project Triangle conundrum and empowers organizations to innovate and grow. 

Provar builds solutions that transform automated testing and quality management. Our flagship product, Provar Automation, put us on the map in 2014 as a leader in automated testing. Later, we introduced Provar Manager, a user-friendly, sophisticated test management designed to meet users at every stage of their testing journey. Today, Provar Grid empowers teams to execute tests in the cloud, improving operational efficiency and flexibility while rapidly increasing productivity. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Project Triangle in more depth and how Provar Grid can help organizations balance quality, time, and cost.

What is the Project Triangle?”

The Project Triangle is a concept in business management that illustrates the interconnectedness between three key factors — time, cost, and quality. These three elements are considered the primary constraints of any project, and it is accepted that a change to one of these elements will impact the others. 

For organizations that rely on Salesforce, it is critical to create quality control that minimizes rework and maximizes customer satisfaction. While manual testing can be good for quality, it is time-consuming and difficult to replicate — making it impossible to scale for growing businesses. Instead, organizations can integrate a robust automated testing solution that can help increase quality while minimizing the time it takes to test. 

However, not all test automation solutions are created equal. Organizations need a parallel testing solution that works across browsers and platforms to ensure quality while controlling costs and minimizing time. Enter Provar Grid. 

How Can Provar Grid Help Equalize Quality, Cost, and Time? 

Provar Grid’s powerful functionality can help organizations break the long-standing challenges of the Project Triangle. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Automation and Manager, Grid allows teams to rapidly increase the speed of their QA execution while improving operational efficiency and flexibility. 

With Grid, users can plan, schedule, and execute their tests entirely in the cloud — in parallel, across browsers, and with zero additional infrastructure. Grid’s key features include: 

Zero Infrastructure

Grid allows users to utilize test environments as a service, reducing setup costs and test maintenance. Teams can quickly create complex cloud environments configured to their unique specifications. Using Grid to execute automated test cases in the cloud, QA teams experience increased flexibility, allowing for more rapid deployment and faster innovation.

Fast Execution

Grid delivers fast execution, allowing teams to rapidly deploy and run tests in the cloud, placing test script commands and events directly onto the execution environment. Teams can increase the speed of their QA execution times by reducing network unpredictability with Grid’s flattened network architecture. They can also reduce time spent running tests across multiple browsers or asynchronously by splitting test cases to run across multiple parallel test environments simultaneously. 

Turnkey Solution

Grid is a turnkey solution — integrating seamlessly with the Manager’s intuitive UI for reduced training and onboarding. With Grid, users of all experience levels can plan, set up, schedule, and execute tests entirely in the cloud using the Manager’s simple dashboard. Grid removes the need to create additional orchestration tools to run tests. It empowers teams to integrate test execution during 3rd party deployments using Manager’s supported DevOps Center and Flosum plugins. 


Provar builds products that empower organizations to innovate, improve, and grow. Provar’s suite of solutions — Automation, Manager, and now, Provar Grid — is created to help organizations break the Project Triangle conundrum, improving quality management while reducing time and cost. 

To learn more about how Provar’s newest product, Provar Grid, can help your organization equalize quality, cost, and time, download our latest white paper, Breaking the Project Triangle Conundrum of Quality, Cost, and Time today!