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Imagine a world where setting up your testing environment takes just a few minutes. In the dynamic world of software testing, where efficiency is the anchor, Provar has unveiled a game-changer: the Provar Public Docker Image. In development environments, teams often struggle to quickly set up and configure the necessary software and dependencies for efficient testing. Therefore, we decided to provide a pre-configured Docker image with all necessary resources and dependencies.

What is a Public Docker Image?

Public Docker images are like ready-to-use packages for your software, hosted on a public platform called Docker Hub. Users can pull a public Docker image and start using it immediately. This ensures your software runs the same way everywhere, making it easy to share and distribute. It’s like sharing a delicious cake recipe with friends so they can enjoy the same tasty treat in their own homes!

An Overview of Provar’s Public Docker Image

Our Docker image has all the essential tools and configurations you need, including the latest Provar version, project setup, browser support, and more. It’s designed to make your Provar testing experience seamless and efficient.

Accessing Our Public Docker Image

Our public Docker image is on Docker Hub. Search for it, and you’ll be ready to easily dive into Provar testing.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Pull the image: Retrieve the Provar image from Docker Hub.
  2. Create a container: Set up a Docker container using our image.
  3. Run Provar tests: Start running your Provar tests effortlessly.

Why Use Provar’s Public Docker Image?

Here are some reasons why you should use Provar’s Public Docker Image.

Ready-to-Use Environment

Say goodbye to tedious setups! The Provar Docker Image comes pre-loaded with essential software and dependencies, including the latest Provar CLI, JDK 11, Apache Ant, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Save Time

Instantly access a pre-configured environment.


Experience reliable, industry-standard software components.


Deploy across different environments effortlessly.

Ease of Use

Minimize setup and configuration hassles.


As the software development landscape evolves, embracing containerization with Provar’s Docker Image is a step towards a future where setting up a testing environment is as simple as a single Docker command. 

Whether you’re new to Provar or a seasoned user, our Docker image streamlines the setup process, saving you time and effort.

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