This is the fourth installment in a blog mini-series to showcase how Provar’s robust suite of quality management tools can benefit essential industries. To see the previous installments in this series, visit the Provar blog!

The communications industry moves fast — with constant evolution, rapid technological advancements, and changing consumer preferences now the norm. Demand for reliable, high-speed, high-quality communications services is growing worldwide, making it crucial for communications companies to ensure their software systems perform correctly. 

To manage the millions of users that count on their services, companies in the communications industry increasingly rely on Salesforce and other complex software systems. Because of their complexity, testing for issues before rolling out the final product to customers is essential. However, traditional manual testing of these systems can be time-consuming and prone to human error, and many automated testing solutions fail to keep pace with the growing needs of communications industry consumers. 

Companies in the communications industry can count on Provar’s comprehensive suite of quality solutions to improve quality and reliability, accelerate their release cycles, and enhance customer experiences. Provar’s intuitive quality solutions are reliable, repeatable, and resilient — and ideally suited for the rapid pace of the communication industry. 

Improved Quality and Reliability

For companies in the communications industry, intuitive, reliable, end-to-end automated testing is crucial to building and keeping critical customer confidence. Provar Automation enables communications companies to test their Salesforce systems — as well as critical applications, plugins, and industry Clouds — thoroughly, efficiently, and effectively. Provar’s end-to-end testing combines UI and API actions to deliver complete coverage throughout the testing cycle to maintain quality, and our tests are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for users of all experience levels. Additionally, communications companies can use Provar Manager, Provar’s intuitive quality management tool, to connect all their testing resources inside and outside of Salesforce and access accurate, real-time information.

With Provar, communications companies can find and fix issues quickly and before they impact customers to improve quality and reliability and reduce churn rates. 

Accelerated Release Cycles

In the fast-paced communications industry, time-to-market is critical to success. Communications companies that quickly release new features and services have a competitive advantage. Reliable, resilient automated testing can help speed up the time-to-market for communications companies by reducing the testing cycle and catching bugs and breaks faster. 

With Provar Automation, teams can find and flag issues faster, helping their organizations avoid downtime and breakage. Our intuitive and easy-to-use Test Builder allows users to build test cases quickly, debugging and re-authoring as they build. With Provar Manager, companies in the communications industry can benefit from looking at their entire ecosystem in one hub to streamline and more effectively roll out processes. 

Provar solutions empower teams in the communications industry to build test cases more frequently, find and fix issues faster, and accelerate their release cycles. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience has always been essential for keeping a competitive edge in the communications industry. That hasn’t changed. In fact, in today’s quickly evolving marketplace, ensuring customer loyalty is even more crucial as customers become more critical. According to a 2022 Emplifi report, 63% of consumers said they would leave a brand because of a poor customer experience.   

Provar’s suite of solutions can help communications companies that need to provide seamless, secure, and hassle-free customer experiences. Provar stays aligned with Salesforce, and our end-to-end testing delivers complete coverage to all areas of Salesforce, as well as external platforms, plugins, applications, and enterprise systems. With Provar, communications organizations can fix issues faster, reduce lag times, minimize negative customer experiences, and preserve customer loyalty. 


Provar’s powerful suite of quality solutions can transform Salesforce testing for organizations in the communications industry. By improving quality and reliability, accelerating time-to-market, and enhancing customer experience with Provar, communications companies can stay ahead of their competition and deliver high-speed, high-quality services. 

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