Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of every successful project in today’s global marketplace. With many organizations and their customers counting on Salesforce, its solutions must promote efficient and effective collaboration across teams and user roles more than ever. 

At Provar, we know that good teamwork leads to great outcomes. Our suite of Salesforce solutions, including Provar Automation, Provar Manager, and Provar Grid, is designed specifically to foster cross-team collaboration and make communication among user roles and across organizations easier, faster, and more effective. 

This blog post will discuss how Provar’s products encourage cross-team collaboration.

Provar Automation and Cross-Team Collaboration

Provar Automation Overview

Since 2014, Provar Automation has been the leading solution for automated Salesforce testing. It allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously across the organization’s Salesforce ecosystem. Based on Salesforce, Provar Automation features interactive test authoring tools, reusable and customizable functionality, and integrations across applications and platforms. 

Provar Automation User Roles and Cross-Team Collaboration

Provar Automation simplifies testing and automates time-consuming tasks — empowering teams to take back their time for creativity, communication, and collaboration. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Provar Automation meets users at all levels of experience and stages of their Salesforce journey and is perfect for teams of: 

  • QA and Citizen Testers/Developers looking for an efficient, easy-to-use test automation solution. 
  • Citizen QA Managers seek a fast, reliable, comprehensive solution that maintains security, minimizes breaks, and makes it easy to view and track project progress against a predefined test plan. 
  • DevOps Engineers and Developers need a fully integrated and seamless quality pipeline that saves time, mitigates risk, and maintains quality across the Salesforce environment. 

With its unified and easy-to-use platform, Provar Automation encourages cross-team collaboration and empowers citizen testers, QA managers, and DevOps engineers to work hand-in-hand. Through seamless integration and an intuitive interface, Provar Automation allows teams to efficiently share assets, track issues, and align testing efforts — fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and transparency. 

Provar Manager and Cross-Team Collaboration

Provar Manager Product Overview

Provar Manager is a powerful centralized quality management hub that allows teams to organize, analyze, and optimize their automated testing inside and outside of Salesforce. It acts as a command and control center for all QA activities. It was designed to help interdisciplinary teams, enterprise organizations, and everyone in between fine-tune their processes and improve quality. 

Provar Manager User Roles and Cross-Team Collaboration

Provar Manager makes it easy for teams to communicate, collaborate, and share information and testing data — all from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It makes quality management easier for everyone, especially:

  • Testers seek more flexibility, speed, and connectivity in their automated testing. 
  • DevOps engineers who are seeking integrated QA and want to include QA testing and reporting in their CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Business analysts sought an intuitive, user-friendly platform for transparency, streamlined communication, and real-time reporting and analytics. 
  • Developers were seeking faster and more accurate testing and reporting. 
  • Admins who manage users, integrations, and reporting need an all-in-one quality management system. 
  • Stakeholders seeking better visibility, more transparency, and real-time reporting. 

With its intuitive dashboard, Provar Manager facilitates collaboration by providing real-time results to all team members, allowing stakeholders to make more informed decisions and prioritize projects more effectively. Provar Manager’s customizable reporting capabilities allow users to generate and share insightful, real-time reports and share them with team members, fostering collaboration and alignment throughout the organization and across user roles and teams. 

Provar Grid and Cross-Team Collaboration

Provar Grid Product Overview

Introduced in 2023, Provar Grid leverages AI to rapidly increase the speed of QA execution times and improve operational efficiency and flexibility. A turnkey and cloud-based solution, Provar Grid integrates seamlessly with Provar’s other products and enables users to plan, schedule, and execute their tests entirely in the cloud. 

Provar Grid User Roles and Cross-Team Collaboration 

With Provar Grid, teams can automate their tests once — vastly increasing the speed of their QA execution and improving operational efficiency and flexibility. Provar Grid is ideal for:

  • Citizen testers are trying to increase testing efficiency without impacting quality. 
  • QA managers looking to increase test coverage, generate better reporting, and spend more time on strategic planning. 
  • DevOps engineers looking to streamline their pipelines to facilitate cross-browser and cross-platform testing. 

Provar Grid enables teams to execute tests in parallel across distributed environments, accelerating test execution and feedback cycles and enabling faster time to market. Its seamless integration with the organization’s CI/CD pipelines fosters collaboration between development, QA, and operations teams. 


Provar’s powerful suite of Salesforce solutions empowers organizations to create collaboration cultures. By providing intuitive and easy-to-use Salesforce testing and quality tools for users of all experience levels, Provar facilitates seamless collaboration among teams, driving efficiency, quality, and success in every project. 

Ready to take your teamwork to the next level? Connect with us today to learn how Provar’s suite of solutions can help your organization foster a culture of collaboration!