This first blog mini-series highlights how specific industries can benefit from Provar’s robust quality and test automation tools suite. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about how Provar can help other industries!

The financial services industry is one of the largest industries in the world. As technology improves, customers, clients, and enterprises want efficient, frictionless, and secure financial services.

Quality assurance is critical in this fast-moving and highly regulated industry. Many organizations rely heavily on Salesforce to ensure their systems and services are secure, reliable, and compliant with industry regulations. However, the traditional manual testing process—and even many automated testing solutions—is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. 

Financial institutions can leverage Provar’s robust suite of automated testing tools to safeguard data security and integrity, enhance customer experiences, and avoid costly regulatory fines. Provar’s reliable, repeatable, and intuitive test automation is tailored to meet organizational and industry requirements, offering extensive functionality to financial institutions needing the most advanced quality assurance. 

Read on to learn more about how Provar’s suite of solutions can benefit the financial industry.


It’s no secret that data security is of the utmost importance in the financial services industry. Organizations need resilient, reliable, and repeatable automated testing to ensure data integrity and information security. 

Provar empowers financial institutions to mitigate potential security threats and system vulnerabilities to their customers, clients, and companies. The market leader in Salesforce testing security, Provar offers in-depth support for the most complicated security and compliance needs.

Provar ensures that systems work to the highest possible quality, allowing organizations to run their automated tests securely — within their network and behind their firewall — to keep essential customer data secure. Provar’s encryption options empower organizations to tailor their settings to their unique security procedures and policies. Our comprehensive, end-to-end testing capabilities can be extended for additional use cases, allowing developers to write their test types. Provar holds the ISO 27001 certification, giving financial institutions confidence in our ability to stay ahead of security threats. 

Improved Customer Experience

In the financial services industry, exceptional customer experience is equivalent to building — and keeping — customer confidence. Provar’s powerful suite of testing solutions can help ensure that software systems function as needed, giving customers seamless, secure user experiences. 

Provar is the only automated testing solution designed from the ground up to test Salesforce, allowing teams to quickly detect and fix issues and bugs and improve their customer experience. Provar stays current and aligned with Salesforce to avoid breakage and lag times. Our end-to-end testing includes all critical areas of Salesforce and external enterprise systems, platforms, and plugins, delivering complete coverage throughout the testing cycle. By automating their testing processes with Provar, financial services organizations can quickly detect and fix issues, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Regulations and Fines

Regulatory compliance is essential for financial institutions. Non-compliance can result in legal issues, expensive fines, and brand damage.

Provar’s end-to-end automated testing validates workflows across applications, giving teams total testing coverage. Provar empowers teams to design tests to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, including GDPR and HIPAA. Our intuitive testing tools and quality hub allow users to adapt their testing to create accurate, real-time reports to ensure application compliance. With Provar’s suite of solutions, financial institutions can ensure regulatory compliance and avoid expensive fines and legal penalties. 


Provar Automation and Provar Manager provide a quality hub for users of all experience levels to improve release agility, drive down system defects, and advance innovation. For financial service organizations, Provar can be a driving force for improved security, enhanced customer experience, and regulatory compliance. 

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