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The security industry is responsible for safeguarding valuable physical and digital assets. Today, security companies protect many of the world’s institutions and critical infrastructure systems, intellectual property, confidential corporate information, and sensitive personal data. 

Security companies increasingly rely on sophisticated software systems like Salesforce to monitor, manage, and protect these essential assets. The complex nature of these systems — and the sensitive nature of the data they protect — makes it essential to ensure that they function as close to perfectly as possible. Manual testing is an unreliable, error-prone, and time-consuming process that must be avoided. Automated testing solutions often create new challenges for companies striving to keep sensitive data secure. 

Provar’s top-of-the-line quality solutions are the ideal choice for companies in the security industry looking to guarantee the safety of their most vital information and revolutionize their testing experience. Provar’s fully integrated, intuitive, and easy-to-use quality management and automated testing solutions are reliable and repeatable — allowing security organizations to detect and defend against security threats quickly, adhere to complex regulatory requirements, and enhance their quality and reliability. 

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Detection and Defense Against Security Threats

It comes as no surprise that security is equivalent to companies in the security industry. Security companies must have a robust, dependable, and consistent automated testing mechanism to guarantee the preservation of data integrity and protection of sensitive information. 

With Provar, companies in the security industry can mitigate potential threats and system vulnerabilities and protect their customers’ confidential information. Provar allows organizations to run automated tests securely — within their network and behind their firewall — to keep confidential data secure. Provar’s encryption options empower organizations to tailor their settings to their unique security procedures and policies.

Notably, Provar holds the ISO 27001 certification, giving companies in the security industry confidence to stay ahead of security threats. 

Improved Compliance with Regulations 

It is imperative to bear in mind that the security industry adheres to a plethora of regulations, and any violation of these can lead to dire repercussions. It’s important to note that several regulations must be followed, including but not limited to PCI-DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001. These regulations are non-negotiable and must be strictly adhered to. Compliance with these regulations is critical, and violations can result in severe legal and financial penalties and serious threats to a security company’s standing. 

Provar’s end-to-end automated testing validates workflows across applications, giving teams total testing coverage from beginning to end. Our intuitive testing tools and quality hub allow users to adapt their testing to create accurate, real-time reports to ensure application compliance. With Provar, teams can design tests to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, including GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Provar helps security firms stay compliant and avoid legal penalties with powerful solutions.

Enhanced Quality and Reliability

In the security industry, reliable, repeatable, and resilient automated testing is critical to maintaining the highest quality and customer confidence. Provar is an automated testing solution that ensures secure and reliable software systems for companies in the security industry. 

Provar’s robust suite of testing solutions empowers teams to detect and fix issues quickly — maintaining quality and improving customer satisfaction. Provar stays current and aligned with Salesforce to avoid downtime and breaks. We cover all critical areas of Salesforce and external platforms, plugins, and applications for comprehensive testing.

With Provar, companies in the security industry can detect and fix issues quickly, improving quality and reliability for their customers. 


Provar offers a quality hub for security organizations to detect and defend against threats, comply with regulations, and improve reliability. Their Salesforce automated testing solution ensures confidence in the testing process.

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