With SalesforceDX now on general release, we thought it was time to give it a test run with Provar. So, after a few late nights last week, the team got everything up and running in time for a sneak peek during our latest webinar. It is about Integrating Test Automation with SalesforceDX. Read on to find out how it went…

So, what is Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX is an interesting new concept that’s been in the works for a while. It has now gone to GA as of Winter 18.

The key idea is that it provides Scratch Orgs that you can spin up quickly for Integrating your test automation with SalesforceDX deployments. Once you’ve signed up for a DevHub account, you can rapidly generate a Scratch Org. For example, push your latest code, test it, and discard it.

Unlike sandboxes, Scratch Orgs only exist briefly. The best approach is to create a new Scratch Org whenever you want to deploy. Then, after you’ve tested your deployment in the Scratch Org, you can discard it immediately.

What’s the benefit of Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX helps to mitigate some of the risks associated with standard Salesforce deployments. It will help us move towards a single point of truth with source control. In addition, it will provide tools to hook everything into a Continuous Integration cycle.

How does Provar work with Salesforce DX?

When Provar and Salesforce DX are used together, we can generate a Scratch Org, push our latest code to it, and then run our Provar tests inside the Scratch Org to get functional testing insights.

Provar and Salesforce DX work nicely with Git and Jenkins, so this is surprisingly easy to set up.

See it in action

See the demo video below to see Provar working with Salesforce DX.

Want to know more?

Get in touch if you want to discuss how our test automation works with Salesforce DX.