In June, we first announced Provar Manager, the latest addition to our ever-growing line of testing products. Since then, we have received outstanding feedback and look forward to introducing more ways to help teams at every stage of their quality journey.

Still new to Provar Manager? We have the rundown for you! Whether you’re part of a QA team integrating test automation and project planning, defect tracking, and DevOps tools, or are an individual or small team building out organization and structure within your testing process, Provar Manager is the answer to organizing, analyzing, and optimizing your Salesforce testing activities.

The 100% Salesforce-native Provar Manager includes:

  • Test planning, design, and documentation
  • End-to-end test management
  • Holistic manual, automated, unit, and exploratory test result reporting
  • DevOps-ready integration
  • Defect management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • The ability to import industry-standard test results
  • A free trial and test drive
  • Free online training

Let’s get into the overview, shall we?

What are Provar Manager’s Key Features?

Among its many capabilities, Provar Manager has three critical features geared toward streamlining your testing processes:


Get your testing under control with a framework for organizing, documenting, storing, and reporting on everything about your tests. Get rid of spreadsheets and build a foundation for integration, automation, analysis, and optimization.


Collect, report, visualize, and analyze all data related to any test, execution, defect, and test resource. Gain actionable insights and improve the visibility of test metrics and release quality.


Fine-tune your testing process with a central hub for testing execution, reporting, and analysis, and manage your release risk. Get the information to assess candidate release risk, resources required, and change impact.

Who is the Provar Manager?

Wondering if Provar Manager is for you and your team? Here’s a deep dive into the roles that will benefit from this product.

  • Looking for more flexibility and extensibility
  • Seeking speed and automation
  • Wanting more connectivity
  • Searching for a better way to manage tests
DevOps Engineers
  • Using Salesforce-native release management tools
  • Who want to include QA testing and reporting in their CI/CD pipelines
  • Seeking integrated QA
Business Analysts
  • Identifying as a “citizen tester”
  • Looking for a platform that is simple to use and understand
  • Wanting easy access to, better visibility for, and streamlined communication around reporting and analytics
  • Who only tests Apex or LWCs
  • Who wonders if changes will break declarative or UI components
  • Seeking a faster feedback loop
  • Serving as a do-it-all one-person QA team
  • Managing users, integrations, and reporting
  • Looking for ad hoc testing optimization
  • Mitigating release risk and resource management
  • Who don’t yet have visibility or metrics on QA
  • With low confidence that releases won’t break elements in production
  • Who wants to keep users happy
  • Looking for better visibility and increased confidence

What Does Provar Manager Currently Integrate With?

Currently, we integrate with Provar Automation, any Salesforce Org, Jira, Flosum, and Salesforce DevOps Center. You can also upload results using standard file formats such as JUnit and TestNG. Check to watch the growing list, or reach out today to discuss suggested integrations!

Still, Have Questions?

Provar Manager brings you one solution to meet your team’s needs, from the citizen tester to the seasoned developer. Visit the University of Provar for courses on best utilizing Provar Manager and other Provar offerings – new training is added regularly! If you would prefer to discuss your team’s unique situation with a Provar expert, please contact us today.

Ready to test drive Provar Manager? Visit Salesforce AppExchange for more information on taking the next step.