Provar is committed to delivering innovative, intuitive, end-to-end solutions for Salesforce testing and automation. Provar’s robust suite of automated testing tools helps transform the Salesforce testing experience, saving time and cost, accelerating product delivery, improving quality, and catching bugs before they can create chaos.

But how does Provar stack up against “robotic” framework solutions? 

In keeping with our commitment to innovation and thought leadership, Provar Associate Vice President of Innovation Robin Gupta recently collaborated with our friends at Nekst IT for a new whitepaper, “Are Robots Breaking Your Quality?” 

This practical guide outlines the benefits of Provar automated testing solutions and compares Provar’s features and functionality to “robotic” frameworks. With real use-case examples The text “that highlights the shortcomings of robotic solutions” could be rewritten as “text that points out the limitations of robotic solutions”., “Are Robots Breaking Your Quality?” illustrates how Provar Automation and Provar Manager can help organizations optimize their Salesforce test automation. 

Want to learn more about how robotic frameworks and Provar solutions compare? Download the full whitepaper ‘Are Robots Breaking Your Quality?’ from Provar and Nekst IT today!