Our latest release, Provar Automation 2.8.2, is live! If you are an existing Provar user, Provar Automation 2.8.2 is available for download in the Provar Success Portal under ‘Releases.’ 

Provar Automation 2.8.2 is a significant update — with more integration between Provar Manager and Provar Automation, a Jenkins plugin, and a long list of feature enhancements. 

This update also includes a suite of features developed by Provar teams outside of QA, engineering, and product — including Provar Labs, TechOps, and Sales Engineering. This interdisciplinary, idea-to-product engineering demonstrates Provar’s continued commitment to quality and innovation. 

Want to learn more about some exciting new features in Provar Automation 2.8.2? Read on or click here to chat with our team.

Provar Automation 2.8.2 Highlights

  • Provar Jenkins plugin to simplify configuring and maintaining test execution as part of Jenkins release pipelines 
  • Generate a Test Case prototype to automatically generate test cases and data with a click for any standard or custom Salesforce object. 
  • Page Object Cleaner prototype scans a project’s page objects and identifies, logs, and (if selected) deletes all of the unused elements in any test case.
  • OAuth 2.0 support for Microsoft Exchange
  • Improved support for Einstein Search, dynamic forms, related record components, auto-retry variable names, and namespace SOQL queries

Integration with Provar Manager

  • Test steps and test step execution results can now be synched from Automation to Manager. Provar Manager can now analyze test step results, including screenshots, over time and across multiple environments.
  • Provar Automation users can now quickly access Provar Manager records using the contextual menu with links directly from Automation to Manager.

To learn more about Provar Automation 2.8.2, review the release notes for detailed documentation. 

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