This is the first installment in a mini-series focusing on some of Provar Automation’s most powerful features. In this blog, we’ll focus on callable tests. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming installments and all the latest Provar news and updates! 

At Provar, we design products that transform Salesforce and CRM testing and enhance customer quality. Our teams work hard to innovate and engineer solutions that save time and money, accelerate delivery and catch bugs quickly.

Provar Automation, our flagship product, is designed to help users streamline their testing. Automation allows users to create, execute, and debug test cases simultaneously. With interactive test authoring tools, innovative autocomplete reusable and customizable capabilities and more. Provar Automation empowers teams to accelerate delivery, decrease downtime, and avoid costly testing errors.

This blog series outlines some of Provar Automation’s most powerful features, starting with callable test cases.

What are “Callable Tests?”

Provar Automation boasts an array of intelligent test design features, including “callable” — or reusable — tests, which help users encapsulate reusable logic across the test suite. Teams can build callable tests once and reference them across multiple tests, maximizing test reuse while minimizing maintenance. Callable test cases can be uploaded from Provar Automation to Provar Manager, making it easy to organize, analyze, and optimize your callable test cases throughout the test suite for a seamless view of the whole picture.

How to Create a Callable Test Case

With Provar Automation, creating a callable test case is simple and easy. Define the test case parameters and settings in the test case, set “callable” on the Callable dropdown, add parameters into the called test, return output parameters, and save the test case!

Provar Automation even mitigates potential callable test overlap by following strict rules regarding value visibility. With Provar Automation, users can prevent test cases from stepping on each other’s toes and overwriting values on which other test cases depend.


Provar Automation‘s callable tests empower users to create reusable test cases, minimizing errors and maintenance and increasing efficiency. Callable tests are essential in Provar’s expanding suite of quality solutions, designed to help teams organize, manage, automate, and scale their workflow in Salesforce and beyond. 

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