This is the second installment in a mini-series focusing on some of Provar Automation’s most powerful features. This blog will focus on Provar’s Salesforce metadata-aware test authoring and execution. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming installments and all the latest Provar news and updates! 

At Provar, Salesforce is in our DNA. 

Provar’s teams of engineers, educators, consultants, and leaders are Salesforce experts. Our flagship product, Provar Automation, was designed specifically for Salesforce and has since progressed to suit other complex CRMs as our quality suite continues to evolve.

Provar provides robust quality solutions to organizations looking for resilient, intuitive, secure, and end-to-end CRM testing. While traditional automated testing platforms were designed for predictable environments, Provar Automation was engineered from the ground up with evolution in mind. It transforms testing — accelerating delivery, catching bugs that cause breaks, and saving our customers time, money, and trouble. 

In this blog, we continue our dive into Provar Automation’s most powerful features and functionality.  This second installment in this blog mini-series focuses on Provar’s “secret sauce” — our metadata-aware test authoring and execution. 

How Does Provar Automation Use Salesforce Metadata?

For this blog, we will be discussing how Provar Automation works with Salesforce’s metadata, but please note that it is hardwired to work in the same way for other CRMs. Traditional automated Salesforce testing solutions build tests on information on the rendered page — the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and shadow DOM. These elements are hard-coded, but Salesforce changes constantly, with regular updates and frequent changes leaving tests vulnerable to breaks and bugs. 

Provar Automation works differently. Instead of using the data from the rendered page source, it builds tests with the information in the Salesforce metadata model and the metadata in the Salesforce org. Because metadata changes far less frequently than the rendered page source, Provar tests are significantly more resilient than tests built with hard-coded information. 

Provar Automation validates tests against the same metadata, quickly alerting teams to errors that arise from changes and updates to Salesforce metadata. Our robust automated testing supports a wide range of Salesforce functionality, including validation rules, triggers, and permission sets. Automation’s metadata integration makes it easier to test areas of Salesforce that have historically been tricky to automate, including Communities, Consoles, Visualforce pages, Lightning UI, and more. And, because Provar stays aligned with Salesforce’s release updates, teams can avoid breakage and reduce lag times. 

Metadata-aware test authoring delivers measurable benefits to organizations, including resilient, repeatable tests, reduced maintenance, easier and more intuitive test building, and automatic test step configuration. In addition, Automation allows users to create locators that function across Salesforce page layout, org type, and application, including Classic, Lightning, Flexipages, Dynamic Forms, and more. 


Provar Automation, the only quality solution designed specifically for Salesforce, uses Salesforce metadata to build, author, and execute better, more resilient tests. By using metadata and staying aligned with Salesforce updates, Provar Automation helps organizations streamline their testing and achieve their quality goals.

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