Provar Spring 2023 Release 1, Provar’s newest release, is live and available for download on the Provar Success Portal

For more information about Provar Spring ‘23 Release 1, check out the release notes or click here to chat with our team!

1. Provar Automation 2.9.0 

  • Salesforce Spring ‘23 Compatibility: Provar Automation 2.9.0 includes compatibility updates with Salesforce Spring ‘23, including information and guidance around revising test cases. 
  • LambdaTest Integration: LambdaTest integration allows users to execute test cases on the LambdaTest cross-browser testing platform in Provar Automation. LambdaTest is available as a browser provider choice in the browser drop-down menu. 
  • Callable Test Cases: Callable test cases will automatically upload to Provar Manager from Provar Automation. 
  • Dynamic Forms: Dynamic Forms now have enhanced support and testing visibility criteria with View/New/Edit/Clone screens. 

2. Provar Manager 2.1.5

  • Plugin Marketplace: Browse Provar Manager plugins by category, quickly locate release notes and guides, and install them into your org. 
  • Test Step Execution Timeline: With this update, users can log their findings as they manually run a test case, review test step results in a timeline view, and raise defects from the failed test step. 
  • Repositories and Systems: Users can now define repositories and systems of type “Git Branch” that act as branches under their repositories. Now, users can run code quality scans on a singular branch instead of a Salesforce org. 

3. Provar Continuing Education

  • New University of Provar Course: Accessibility Basics covers the guidelines that drive digital accommodations and teaches how Web accessibility benefits all Internet users. 
  • Trailhead Modules: Developed by the Provar Education team, The Explore Software Testing Trail module is now available on Salesforce Trailhead. 

4. Provar Product Roadmap

Provar now shares the latest information about future releases in the Provar Success Portal. To see what’s next from Provar, log on to the portal and select the Planned/In Progress list view on the release page. Please note all information about future updates is subject to change. 

To learn more about Provar Spring ‘23 Release 1, review the release notes for detailed documentation. 

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