When testing your dynamic Salesforce environment, one of the trickiest areas to navigate is keeping up with regular updates and new app customizations. Any time there is a change, static locators for web elements are prone to modifications, which can hamper the efficiency and reliability of your automated testing strategy.

What is needed is true self-healing, a way that your test automation solution can keep up with frequent changes and maintain its tests so they do not break, which can cause catastrophe across the entire DevOps landscape.

Provar recognized this challenge and answered with its flagship test automation solution, Provar Automation. Its most notable features are frequently updated to stay one step ahead of customer needs, particularly its true self-healing capabilities.

In this blog post, we will discuss Provar Automation’s Adaptive Locators and explain why they offer true self-healing to your test automation, giving your team a practical approach to ensure seamless adaptability, increased efficiency, and enhanced reliability.

Seamless Adaptation

The essence of Provar Automation’s Adaptive Locators is their ability to seamlessly adapt to changes in web page structures and heal without human maintenance. These locators intelligently capture a range of web element attributes, including IDs, classes, and other relevant parameters, enabling them to automatically adjust to dynamic shifts in the webpage. This means you no longer need to spend valuable time manually updating scripts each time an element undergoes a change.

Increased Efficiency

Gone are the days of manually adjusting locators and wasting precious time on trivial modifications. Automation’s Adaptive Locators take the maintenance and rework cycle off the plates of developers and testers, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: more creativity and technical advancement. Provar empowers users to streamline their workflows and maximize their productivity by handling the heavy lifting of locator management.

Enhanced Reliability

One of the critical aspects of any automation process is the reliability of the scripts. Automation’s Adaptive Locators significantly reduce the risk of false positives and negatives, ensuring that your automation scripts consistently locate the correct elements. This level of reliability directly translates to improved test coverage and more accurate results, strengthening the overall testing process.


Not all automation needs are created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to test automation. Recognizing this, Automation allows users to customize their Adaptive Locators to suit specific environments or scenarios. Users can ensure their automation efforts seamlessly adapt to any situation by tailoring the parameters according to different use cases.

Future-Proof Automation

The inevitable changes in web page structures should not derail your automation efforts. Automation’s Adaptive Locators serve as a shield, safeguarding your automation scripts from potential future disruptions. By future-proofing your automation, Automation saves you valuable time, resources, and, most importantly, the headaches associated with outdated scripts.

How Adaptive Locators Work

Provar Automation’s Adaptive Locators utilize intelligent capabilities that analyze a web page’s HTML structure and employ predefined rules to identify and locate elements. Whether you’re automating tests, scraping data, or interacting with web applications, Adaptive Locators ensure a smooth and reliable experience, regardless of the dynamic nature of the web page.

Implementing Adaptive Locators

Implementing Adaptive Locators in your automation process is a straightforward process. By default, the Adaptive Locator is selected in Provar Automation’s Test Builder Field Details section, streamlining the integration process. Additionally, users can further customize their experience by toggling Adaptive Locators on or off and can choose to input a relative ProvarX locator when necessary, providing the flexibility needed for more complex automation tasks.

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