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Provar’s intuitive, end-to-end solutions are designed to help organizations transform their Salesforce testing experience, saving time and money, and accelerating successful release cycles. 

But we can’t create in a vacuum. 

We rely on the feedback, insights, and experiences of our users to ensure that Provar’s testing and quality solutions are the best on the market.  We love to hear from Provar customers and community members themselves — their favorite features and functionality, how Provar helps them troubleshoot their toughest testing dilemmas, and the ways their teams benefit from Provar solutions.

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Customers rate Provar as top tool for Salesforce testing

“When set up well, test automation can help any Salesforce implementation land into a production environment and ultimately into the hands of end users quicker and with less risk of adoption issues.” ~ Amanda B., Co-Organizer

“[Provar is] The BEST tool for Salesforce automation testing. After a lot of research, we finalized Provar is the best tool for Salesforce and procured our license in July 2019. We recently renewed for another year, as we are so happy with the tool and the support given by them. As a user, I can strongly suggest Provar for Salesforce automation testing.” ~ Ramarao K., Enterprise Leadership

“Provar has helped us in creating a test automation framework in a short period of time. We initially started creating our own framework from scratch using Selenium. Looking at the challenges we faced and the time invested, onboarding Provar turned out to be a good decision. Whenever there is an issue or question, the turn-around time is really quick from the support team.” ~ Supriya S., Salesforce Test Lead

“Provar is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to achieve 100 percent Salesforce automation.” ~ Gaurav B., Automation Lead

“Market time is high, as this helps enable progressive automation or automation-first approach.” ~ Ajay S., Sr. Enterprise Engineer 

Provar customer support receives rave reviews 

“[The best part of Provar is] The customer service and the feeling that they listen to the client. So far, we haven’t asked a question without getting a reply on the same day. We had a couple of challenges where they were helping us getting past it, and adding features on our request.” ~ Nicki B., Quality Assurance Test Engineer

“The Provar Team is very dedicated to getting our team set up for success. Regular check-in calls with their Customer Success team and occasional more hands-on calls with their technical experts make us feel like they support our journey toward more robust, more efficient testing automation.”  ~ Sayeef A., Software Engineer 

“Looking at the challenges that we faced and time invested, onboarding Provar turned out to be a good decision. Whenever there is an issue or question, the turnaround time is really quick from the support team.”  ~ Supriya S, Salesforce Test Lead

“Provar had an excellent support team that always responds within 24 hours. We love the quick support from the Provar team.”
~ Leelalavanya S., Testing Executive

“Excellent knowledge and guidance from Provar Support, with consistent follow up to fix issues.” ~ Verified User in the Automotive industry

“Last but not least, the support team was always there to unblock the automation testers at critical times.” ~ Kirithiga V., Consultant

Easy-to-learn, adaptable and intuitive solutions

“Everything in Provar is user-friendly, and people who don’t have any knowledge of automation can easily understand Provar and learn quickly. Everything in Provar is amazing, and it is very easy to learn. There are no dislikes from me!” ~ Ramakanth B. Automation Test Lead

“Provar is very easy to learn, you just have to Drop and Drag the Fields and Functions and Provar will do its magic behind the scenes. Test Scripts were easy to read and execute. Setting up the complete CICD pipeline with Provar gave us test results on time and saved us a lot of manual effort.” ~ Mayank S., Senior Salesforce Consultant 

“I like how the tool is integrated with Salesforce, so it already knows what it is I am adding to my script. It knows what type of standard object or field I am testing. The tool is easy to use and easy to grasp. It makes testing a fun and not so daunting task.” ~ Sharon L., Enterprise Tester

“Anybody without coding knowledge can use this tool very well.” ~ Ajay S., Sr. Enterprise Engineer 

“Minimal coding required, so even a person with no experience in coding can automate the scenarios. Maintaining test cases is easy since Provar works on storing metadata; therefore, your test case works on a different version of the application without much maintenance.” ~ Gaurav B., Automated Lead

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