By Jon Robinson discusses Common DevOps QuestionsJon Robinson, Head of North America at Provar

Test as quickly as you build.

That’s the new normal. Testing was considered an afterthought and relegated to one of the most forgotten parts of the product phase-gate process. The paradigm has changed to help teams get new ideas to market more quickly. How? By integrating testing throughout the DevOps process. 

Within many organizations, it has become apparent that with a finite amount of resources and an increasing need to shorten the release lifecycle, testing needs to be integrated with the Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) tools that teams use. 

We’ve been consulting with many customers to help them accelerate testing and bring this approach earlier and more frequently in the development lifecycle. We have learned that most teams have the experience and skills to make this happen. It’s about starting a dialogue internally to set an organization up for success and align priorities. 

Based on these conversations, here are a few best practices or common DevOps questions that we have developed to help teams start to think about the Salesforce DevOps planning process proactively. Having these essential conversations early and often lets you work together to release software faster and more reliably with DevOps in mind. 

Because it’s not about creating more tests; it’s about creating meaningful tests that genuinely protect the most critical parts of your business.

Questions DevOps and QA Teams Should Discuss During Every Salesforce DevOps Planning Meeting

  1. Should we test all new functionality early and at each stage in the deployment process, or wait until it reaches a higher level environment (such as a UAT or staging environment)?
  2. Should we perform regression-based testing on all existing functionality, and how often do we do this regression testing?
  3. Do we only test this feature at the end of a release cycle?
  4. How much time should we spend dealing with test data each week?
  5. How long should a single line of code take to go from Development to Production?

Every organization has its own development and testing goals and objectives. That’s why it’s essential to start an internal dialogue to discuss your development objectives and talk about creating a testing strategy that can support those goals. These common DevOps questions will surely help you identify things to improve during the said phase.

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