This is the first installment in a blog mini-series to highlight how specific industries can benefit from Provar Automation. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about how Provar Automation can help the financial, insurance, healthcare, and other industries!

The government and public sector bear the incredible responsibility of handling the world’s most sensitive data — from citizen information and financial documents to classified information and restricted records. This has never been an easy job. But as data breaches become more complex, hacking strategies more sophisticated, and cyber threats more common, ensuring data security in the public sector is more challenging — and important — than ever before. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the main challenges to data security in the government and public sector. We’ll highlight how a strong test automation strategy can help organizations safeguard against cyber threats and adhere to strict institutional regulations. And, we’ll showcase why Provar Automation is the best test automation solution for ironclad data security.

Challenges to Data Security in the Government/Public Sector

Government and public sector organizations face a myriad of obstacles in keeping their data secure, including:

  • Safeguarding vast amounts of sensitive information against unauthorized access and cyber threats
  • Adhering to strict regulations including GDPR, FedRAMP, FISMA, and HIPPA, risking penalties, security breaches, and loss of public trust for non-compliance
  • Allowing necessary access across diverse departments and roles while ensuring robust data security
  • Staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks and evolving; as cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay ahead of sophisticated attacks against government agencies or anticipate data breaches
  • Ensuring the security of integration points across external applications and platforms, especially as systems grow increasingly complex

How Provar Automation Supports Government/Public Sector Data Security

Built from the ground up on Salesforce, Provar Automation can help organizations in the government/public sector transform their testing and fortify their data security. With robust testing capabilities, Provar Automation is well equipped to help government organizations protect their data, enforce system resilience, and adhere to regulations.

With its powerful, end-to-end testing capabilities, Provar Automation can proactively identify potential vulnerabilities within steps and integrations common in government systems — elevating data security through continuous testing and reinforcement of access points.

Its adaptive capabilities make Provar Automation a compliance ally, allowing test creation that aligns with regulations including GDPR, FedRAMP, FISMA, and HIPAA. This ensures data security measures adapt to requisite standards, mitigating compliance risks. 

Provar Automation also offers precise control over user permissions within Salesforce, empowering teams to simulate and validate diverse user roles and permissions and avoid unauthorized access and exposure. With Provar Automation, government agencies can easily manage user roles and maintain operational efficiency without compromising confidential information.

And with Provar Automation’s metadata-driven Test Builder, government agencies can ensure their tests are resilient to Salesforce updates and app customizations, minimizing disruptions and reducing vulnerabilities from outdated testing methods.


By adopting an automated testing solution like Provar Automation, government agencies and public sector organizations can significantly improve their data security measures, adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, and ensure a secure environment for critical data management within the most sensitive government operations. 

To learn more about how Provar Automation can help organizations in government, the public sector, and other industries, download our newest eBook, Test Automation: Your Key to Ironclad Salesforce Data Security!