Testing is critical in ensuring your Salesforce ecosystem’s quality and reliability. Multiple variables must be addressed when assessing Salesforce automated testing solutions to guarantee the technology and vendor meet your organization’s goals. Key considerations can make a big difference for QA professionals, regardless of experience level.

Keep reading to learn more about how to evaluate Salesforce test automation solutions successfully! For more information, download our Product and Vendor Evaluation Guide for Automated Testing white paper!

Surveying Salesforce Automated Testing Solutions: Key Considerations

The key considerations for a product-focused survey of Salesforce automated testing solutions fall into four categories, outlined below. 

Test Resilience or Fragility

The strength of any automated testing solution lies in its ability to withstand changes. Test resilience is critical in the Salesforce ecosystem, where updates and modifications are constant. A solution that easily adapts to environmental changes without requiring extensive rework saves time and money and ensures application consistency. Fragility, on the other hand, can lead to inefficiencies and frustration — causing more harm than good and potentially defeating the purpose of automation. 

At Provar, we understand the importance of test resilience. Our flagship solution, Provar Automation, is built from the ground up on Salesforce and offers robust mechanisms to handle upgrades and updates, dynamic elements, and evolving requirements. 


When it comes to automation, efficiency is the name of the game. A solution that promotes reusability empowers organizations to maximize their testing without duplicating efforts. By creating reusable test cases and components, teams can build scalable, resilient tests that adapt to their evolving organizational needs. 

Provar Automation is built upon the principles of reusability. Our intuitive Test Builder, dynamic data sources, and other easy-to-use features enable teams to create reusable, sustainable tests that are easy to maintain and stand the test of time. 

Ease-of-Use and Learning

Automation should empower teams, not overwhelm them. A user-friendly interface with comprehensive documentation and training resources is essential to accelerate the learning curve and ensure easy onboarding and rapid adoption. Ultimately, the best automated testing solution is one your team enjoys using. 

At Provar, we prioritize usability and accessibility in everything we do. From our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to our extensive library of tutorials and guides, we’re committed to making automated testing approachable for testers of all backgrounds and skill levels. 

Testing Adjacent Systems

In today’s interconnected environments, applications rarely exist in isolation. Testing the integrations among Salesforce and adjacent applications is crucial for end-to-end functionality and seamless user experiences. A robust automated testing solution should enable teams to validate complex workflows across multiple platforms and provide support for integration testing. 

Provar goes above and beyond traditional testing, offering seamless integration capabilities with Salesforce’s growing number of integrations. Our suite of testing solutions offers the tools organizations need to validate end-to-end functionality across their Salesforce ecosystem with confidence. 

Bigger Than Tech: Assessing the Vendors

Companies that champion support, training, and customer success build the best-automated testing tools. 


Strong technical support can make or break an organization’s efforts when it comes to onboarding a new automation solution. A responsive, knowledgeable support team that understands your unique challenges and provides timely assistance is critical to keeping testing on track. Whether you’re troubleshooting a specific issue or seeking guidance on best practices, reliable and relatable support is essential for maximizing your automation investment. 

At Provar, we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service and support. With a deep understanding of our suite of solutions and of Salesforce itself, our support team is here to help you overcome any obstacles and achieve your automation goals. 


Effective training is the cornerstone of the successful adoption of any automation solution. To achieve the full potential of your automation tool, it is imperative to provide comprehensive education and training that is tailored to your organizational needs and goes beyond mere installation. Your team must have the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage the Salesforce testing solution to the fullest. That’s why ongoing training opportunities are a must-have to keep your team up-to-date and ahead of the game. You can choose from self-paced online courses, interactive workshops led by industry experts, or community forums and user groups. With the right training, your team can maximize the potential of your Salesforce testing solution and ensure success.

Provar offers a variety of training and ongoing education options. The University of Provar is an interactive learning platform accommodating different learning styles and skill levels. Rest assured that we have got your team’s back when it comes to providing the most effective resources for their success, be it our introductory courses or advanced professional development opportunities.

Customer Success

The success of your automated testing efforts depends on more than just the technology itself. A vendor invested in your organization’s success and supports your long-term goals can transform your testing efforts. With the help of our customer success team, you can confidently navigate the complexities of Salesforce test automation and achieve sustainable success. From onboarding assistance to strategic advice, our team understands your organization and will provide the guidance you need to succeed.

Our customer success team at Provar is committed to helping our customers, clients, and partners get the most out of their automation investments. They do this by giving you personalized advice and support.


When evaluating an automated testing solution, finding a partner who understands your organizational needs is more important than checking off features. By considering the key technology factors and vendor features, you can make more informed and supportive decisions for your organization.

Want to learn more? Download Provar’s Product and Vendor Evaluation Guide for Automated Testing white paper, or connect with a Provar expert today!