Provar has built a strong reputation as a leading Salesforce test automation company. Provar’s solutions have transformed the Salesforce testing process for our customers worldwide with low-code testing, an intuitive user interface, and real-time test results. Using Salesforce’s metadata, Provar helps customers automate their Salesforce testing to save time and money, accelerate innovation, and support end-to-end mitigation. 

But how does Provar balance the functionality professionals on their quality journey need with Provar’s promise of a product as easy to use as Salesforce itself? And how are market factors like labor shortages affecting who will benefit the most from Provar products? 

Richard Clark, Chief Product Officer at Provar, recently sat down with Swapnil Bhartiya at TFiR to discuss Provar’s expansion into test management and how the new Provar Manager is helping QA engineers and citizen developers (those with a limited coding background) with test automation and insight analysis. 

Clark says that as recently as two years ago, Provar’s principal focus was to increase awareness around Salesforce test automation with its pioneer Provar Automation test automation solution, as many companies had citizen testers or their business analysts running testing. But recently, Clark has seen an uptick in companies bringing on dedicated QA team members and an increasing number of highly integrated Salesforce projects. This was one of the many reasons Provar’s newest solution, Provar Manager, was born.

“Provar [Automation] was always designed to allow those non-automation engineers to do testing … but there’s always that need for those QA engineers — the smart guys — that can join things together and make highly customized and reusable elements,” Clark says. “So we’ve always supported that dev approach as well. We support both those camps.”

Provar Manager allows users to organize, analyze, and optimize their automated Salesforce testing workflow — perfect for projects with more robust app integration and for more diverse user groups. 

“Within a project, we can connect the user stories people were working on to the test cases they were building in Provar [Automation] with a history of test results — and then, by integrating other factors, we can look at the whole journey to see where to focus our efforts,” Clark says. 

This whole-picture integration allows internal and external shareholders to organize and analyze data, allowing users of different skill levels to manage their Salesforce testing workflows effectively. Provar Manager is adaptable to today’s uncertain labor markets by catering to diverse user groups.  

Clark and Bhartiya highlighted the worker shortage and emphasized heightened customer demand for efficient, effective automated testing. Because resources are limited, Clark says customers are focused on finding fast and accurate solutions.

“Let’s spend our efforts running the tests that should break — that’s the area we’re trying to encourage people toward with Provar Manager. Let’s analyze what’s breaking, what’s not as robust as you’d like, and improve upon that.”

Watch the full interview with Richard Clark, read the transcript at TFiR, and schedule a demo with our team today to see how Provar can help you achieve your test automation and test workflow management goals.