This post was written by Phoebe Oliver, who completed an internship with Provar in July 2023. To learn more about our internship and employment opportunities, visit our job board!

As a psychology undergraduate new to the marketing world, I was excited to start my internship with Provar to learn how a software company such as this functions. Marketing is often hailed as a marriage between art and science, and my internship allowed me to witness these ideas firsthand while allowing me to incorporate my creative and psychological knowledge to help contribute to Provar. 

Throughout my internship, I learned so much. The hard-working and friendly team made me feel very welcome and were keen to teach and help me learn. Although my internship was primarily in marketing, I was exposed to other departments, such as sales, human resources, and product management. This allowed me to understand more about how a company like Provar comes together to build a product fit for customers.

Engaging in one-on-one meetings with my colleagues allowed me to get to know them more and learn what they do on a typical day. Seeing their infectious enthusiasm, teamwork, and career dedication was truly inspiring. Listening to some of the sales calls provided me with a firsthand understanding of the intricacies of professional deal-making while learning more about the product and the type of customers interested in buying from Provar. 

The marketing team assigned me various projects, offering valuable learning experiences. For instance, I assisted in constructing customer emails, including the July newsletter. This involved not only writing the content but also utilizing software such as Asana and Hubspot that helped to create a successful email.

Moreover, Provar is designing a new website. I had the opportunity to reach out to customers whose logos were featured on the company’s website, seeking their approval to retain them.

Additionally, I contributed to updating Provar’s YouTube channel, learning the art of creating engaging videos and the role of video descriptions in viewer engagement. Specifically, I learned the importance of hashtags and how these should be used. After watching the videos on YouTube, I allocated the relevant hashtags to the videos. It was fascinating to see how minor details such as this are critical to effectively promoting a virtual product. I was also introduced to a new project the Provar team is working on that is soon to come, where I learned the technological advantages that led to the solution’s conception. I also helped build a product market fit. The hands-on experience of working on real-life projects enhanced my skills and opened my eyes to the intricacies and nuances of marketing.

Furthermore, I listened to a few of the weekly marketing meetings, and it was fascinating to hear how all the individual ideas come together and how the team works as a unit. I was also given helpful guidance with starting up my LinkedIn profile and was able to complete several courses within the marketing domain. 

As I move forward, I carry the valuable experiences, lessons, and connections forged during my internship. The marketing department was a hive of creativity, constantly working to position the company’s cutting-edge software solutions in the competitive market. I am grateful to have been part of a team that further ignited my interest in marketing and inspired me to explore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.