This is the second blog in a three-part series on AI in Salesforce testing. Read the first blog, “Common AI Pitfalls in Testing to Watch Out For,” and stay tuned for part three!

Buzzwords, slogans, and claims about artificial intelligence (AI) integration are everywhere. Almost every organization is touting new AI features and functions. But what do these functionalities encompass, and what do the phrases mean for your test automation strategy?

This blog will decipher phrases commonly used to discuss AI integration in Salesforce test automation. We’ll clarify the claims, bust the buzzwords, and outline the implications of these overused expressions so your organization can cut through the noise. 

Claim #1: AI-Powered

Chances are, you’ve heard “AI-powered” once or twice in the Salesforce test automation conversation. And while the phrase itself isn’t inherently problematic, it should invite you to look more closely at what the claim entails.

As our last blog post outlined, organizations should always take a customer-first approach to AI integration. This means looking at a Salesforce testing solution’s claims with discernment and deliberation and clearly understanding your organization’s unique testing needs. Teams must be careful not to be distracted by the promise of being “AI-powered,” instead evaluating where AI can genuinely enhance, rather than power, organizational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 

Remember, the goal of AI adoption is not to do so indiscriminately; the goal is to align AI with measurable organizational objectives. By investigating what “AI-powered” actually means (and whether the solution is boasting AI capabilities to join the rush toward AI without considering trust, transparency, and security), organizations can maximize AI’s potential benefits while minimizing complexity, waste, and risk — ultimately leading to more effective, efficient, and sustainable AI integration. 

Claim #2: AI-Powered on the Cloud

Another common claim amongst many test automation companies is that their solutions are “AI-powered on the cloud.” Like the claim above, the phase invites some investigation into what they say. If the solution is 100% cloud-based, how does this solution safeguard against security threats inherent to the cloud? Is this solution native to Salesforce? If so, does this solution sync with Salesforce updates? How do they provide quality assurance? All of this security information should be readily available to the end user.

In evaluating test automation solutions, be sure to dig into their security specifics — especially if they claim to be “AI-powered on the cloud.” Doing your due diligence can reduce risk for your organization and customers as you consider AI integration. 

Claim #3: Generative AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

In this new age of ChatGPT, many automated testing companies claim that generative AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities are powering their products. And while generative AI and ML provide plenty of merits, their drawbacks are worth discussing.

As mentioned in the previous blog, many AI-driven solutions are too simple to build intense tests, writing code without context and creating bugs and breaks. To work effectively, they require extensive training, which negates their simplicity. Others are too sophisticated to be realistic for day-to-day operations, requiring arduous training hours – of both the machine and the team using it – to onboard.  

Instead of being allured by quick fixes to help build your tests, there is an even faster and much more reliable way – metadata-driven test automation solutions. Using metadata-driven algorithms, a product like Provar Automation provides a more intelligent, efficient, and reliable solution with more vital tests without the downsides of generative AI and ML.


The influence of AI on automated testing shows no signs of slowing down. As companies continue to market their solutions with empty buzzwords and slippery slogans around their AI capabilities, it becomes clear that organizations must do their due diligence and make their decisions with discernment. 

An industry leader since 2014, Provar has built powerful products for test automation and quality management. Our dedication to thoroughly tested and purposeful AI components and our commitment to intelligent learning capabilities make Provar the most ethical, dependable, and secure test automation solution on the market. 

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