This post was contributed by Caroline Smith, Course Designer for the University of Provar. For more contributed posts by Provar experts, take a scroll through the rest of our blog!

The team behind the University of Provar (UP) is committed to keeping you current with all the latest updates at Provar. Last year, we refreshed our Provar Automation Essentials certification, which provided UP users with six new courses to learn about the foundations of our flagship test automation tool, Provar Automation.

Now we are proud to announce that our updated Provar Automation Advanced certification is available on UP! After receiving feedback from our users and our own Provar experts, we are thrilled to provide you with five updated courses to help you advance your Provar knowledge and quality journey.

Gain Technical Skills

Building on the foundational skills developed throughout the Provar Automation Essentials courses, the Provar Automation Advanced certification explains the key knowledge and skills that will help you optimize your testing with the tool. The certification includes five courses: API Testing, Test Strategies, Built-In Functions, Control Statements, and Debugging. 

API Testing, one of the brand new courses, provides an overview of API testing and demonstrates how to perform it with Provar Automation. It also features a personalized learning path that lets learners choose how they’d like to move through the course.

The other course that is all new to the certification is Control Statements. This course explains a frequently used set of commands through examples and use cases, ultimately helping learners include actions such as conditional logic and looping in their test cases.

Test Strategies, Built-In Functions, and Debugging were all in-demand courses from the previous certification, so they have been revamped with the latest updates and best practices for the tool. All courses are designed to instill confidence in the users by building a conceptual understanding of each topic. Plus, they include a variety of interactive elements to keep learning fun!

Share Your Certification

Each of UP’s certifications offers a lot of value at no cost. Not only can you gain in-depth knowledge about testing with Provar’s tools, but you can also bolster your credibility with your certified learning. After completing the certification, you can post it directly to LinkedIn, allowing you to share your achievements and commitment to continuous learning with your network.

Paula Americo, Education Content Lead for UP, noted, “Our certifications are a great way to learn about Provar products and invest (for free!) in your career success. Learn at your own pace, elevate your Salesforce testing skills, and share your accomplishments!”

All courses in the Provar Automation Advanced certification are available now. Are you ready to get started? Head over the University of Provar now and start learning! 

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