As a new Provar customer, onboarding new users can often be challenging. Leaders may worry that their teams will resist change, have trouble adopting new tech, or have concerns about the time it takes team members to learn new solutions. 

Luckily, new Provar customers and trial users have access to the University of Provar — a free, interactive platform of courses, certifications, and resources. Launched in 2021 to educate, empower, and elevate users through continued education and training, UP’s content library is vital for team leaders onboarding or up-leveling their teams. 

“The University of Provar was created for customers,” says Jenn Torres, Education Manager at Provar. “We wanted to provide content for our customers to allow them to use our products effectively and confidently. We also wanted to provide education around the testing space as a whole. 

“Shortly after making the University of Provar content available to our customers, we began receiving requests from professionals looking to make a career change and wanted to upskill,” Torres said. “It was then that we made our courses available to everyone.”

Courses for Team Members of All Skill Levels

Provar offers solutions that improve quality and transform the testing experience across the Salesforce ecosystem. With nearly 40 interactive courses for users of all learning levels, The University of Provar courses help teams quickly up-level their Salesforce test automation skills — regardless of their training or experience. 

“The University of Provar provides engaging, interactive courses that walk our users through the basics of our products so they can get started with Provar’s solutions right away,” said Torres. “UP doesn’t just offer courses specific to Provar products — we also offer content for anyone who may be brand new to testing, along with various courses to take users through the quality journey. We have something for everyone at all levels of experience.”

Start Where You Are with the University of Provar

The University of Provar users have access to nearly 40(and growing!) certification and course tracks, covering Provar Automation and Provar Manager and topics covering all stages of the quality journey. 

“We recommend our learners begin with our Provar Essentials certification when becoming familiar with Provar,” Torres continued. “Provar customers also benefit from earning their Provar Advanced certification.” 

Additional options are available for users with less testing experience or who find the concepts of Provar Essentials confusing or overwhelming. 

“Your Quality Journey series is a great place to start,” said Torres. “The Quality Journey comprises Intro to Testing, Testing in Salesforce, and Testing Types. These courses provide a great foundation for someone new to testing.”

Additionally, the University of Provar has paired with the Salesforce Trailhead team to create the Explore Software Testing trail. These modules, including Software Testing Fundamentals, Testing Types, the Agile Testing Quadrants, and the soon-to-be-released Testing Salesforce, are designed to help students learn the fundamentals of software testing and the various approaches to quality assurance and are recommended as part of team onboarding. 

Instant Access to Interactive Curriculum for Teams

New Provar customers and Provar trial users have full access to University of Provar content, empowering them to up-level their Salesforce test automation skills. Created by the Provar education team, the University of Provar course content includes an engaging mix of videos, articles, and quizzes — making learning new skills accessible for everyone. 

To get started with the University of Provar, leaders can work with their Provar Account Manager to set up their teams’ accounts. Provar customers can easily log into their UP account by clicking the Provar Success Portal link. 

No matter your team’s skill level, the University of Provar certifications and coursework are vital to successfully onboarding your teams. 

Check out UP today to onboard or upskill your team with Provar solutions, or schedule a demo with our team to see how Provar can help you achieve your quality goals.