Provar is celebrating one year of University of Provar! The content library, nicknamed UP, is a free, interactive platform of courses, certifications, and resources for customers, Salesforce users, and community members. With recent updates, new course content, and a growing user community, UP is looking at a strong second year providing opportunities for curiosity, collaboration, and continuing education.

Courses for Students of All Learning Levels

Provar offers solutions that transform the Salesforce testing experience and improve quality across the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond. UP was launched in 2021 to  educate, empower, and elevate people in this space through continued education and lifelong learning.

“UP is for everyone. Those who enjoy learning new skills, users upskilling to make a career change, customers and prospects getting started with our products, and employees looking to stay current in the testing/quality space are all UP students.”

Jenn Torres, Education Manager, Provar

User-Friendly, Student-Focused Curriculum

UP offers a free curriculum of pathways and standalone courses on debugging, test maturity management, CI/CD, and more. The UP course catalog allows each student to explore the topics that are most interesting or relevant to their career path, at their own pace. 

“In the Salesforce ecosystem, certifications and training are invaluable. As professionals move through UP programs, they can maximize how their organization uses Provar.”

Jenn Torres, Education Manager, Provar

Users have access to over 25 (and growing!) certification and course tracks. This learn-as-you-go design empowers learners to upskill at their own pace, helps team leaders onboard Provar products quickly, and gives users of all backgrounds the tools to advance their skills. Students complete quizzes, receive badges, and earn certifications. 

Accessible, Engaging Updates, and Content Expansions

In the year since its launch, UP’s curriculum has been updated and expanded — partially in response to feedback from Provar users and professionals themselves. 

“We’re trying to paint the full picture for users of all experience levels. We revised every course to be more accessible and engaging. And, we’ve expanded to include content to take users on a quality journey.”

Jenn Torres, Education Manager, Provar

Most recently, UP added a Provar Manager certification to introduce best practices for Provar’s newest solution. Using an interdisciplinary, multi-prong approach, the Provar Manager certification programming was released in six small courses, as opposed to larger blocks.

“Through our experience, we learned that the Provar Manager certification would be better presented in bite-sized pieces, and released one at a time.”

Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator, Provar

Looking to the Future

Leveraging internal knowledge and seeking external resources have been key in mapping UP’s future. Additional coursework will be developed in 2023 in collaboration with key Provar stakeholders and experts. Courses based on skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are also being developed for teams to more effectively utilize UP’s resources. 

“Provar is full of talented people who are willing to share their knowledge and time to help our users and team to stay informed and have the resources to be successful.”

Jenn Torres, Education Manager, Provar

Perhaps UP’s greatest strength is in its simplicity. The team — an all-female, interdisciplinary group of non-technical educators — are passionate about learning, teaching, and creating interactive and accessible educational materials.

“The UP team’s makeup informs course design, outcomes, user experience, and our planning. Our priority is always the learner. We are intentional with our decisions to continuously improve their experiences.”

Jenn Torres, Education Manager, Provar

Check out UP today to upskill your testing automation skills or onboard your team with Provar solutions, or schedule a demo with our team to see how Provar can help you achieve your quality goals.