The University of Provar (UP) team is growing! 

This interdisciplinary group — creators of University of Provar, Provar Trailhead Courses, and other Provar training and educational materials — recently welcomed two new team members, technical writers Alpna Kaushik and Gagan Singh.

The team, composed of educators, computer scientists, writers, analysts, and organizational leaders, is as driven as it is diverse. The UP team creates engaging and applicable training and educational content for Provar customers, community members, and organizations. Using their multidisciplinary backgrounds. The team transforms complex and technical subject matter into a thoughtful and approachable curriculum. 

“Nearly every project my team and I take on begins with us being brand new to that topic,” said Jenn Torres, Provar Director of Education. “We are intentional about our content. We go into each project with the end user in mind — and consider their experience level and learning style.”

The UP Team has a busy schedule, so we took the opportunity to learn a bit about each of them — in their own words — while we had the chance!

Want to learn more about Provar’s engaging educational team? Keep reading!

Can you describe your educational and professional experience before you landed at Provar? 

“Before working at Provar, I was a 17-year English teacher. I have a Master’s in secondary education and am a National Board Certified Teacher. “ ~ Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator

“ I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have experience in technical writing. I have created knowledge bases, help videos, and learning management systems. I also have a little bit of development knowledge in video games.”  ~ Gagan Singh, Technical Writer

“My previous experience began as an intelligence analyst in the United States Air Force and, most recently, before joining Provar, working in higher education as a learning management administrator (LMS) for several universities. I also have a certification in Instructional Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.” ~ Jenn Torres,  Director of Education

“I worked in a school for nine years before coming to Provar. For six of those years, I was a middle school literacy teacher. After teaching, I moved into instructional coaching. As a coach, I was still school-based but primarily worked with teachers. Together, we engaged in coaching cycles focused on student learning..” ~ Caroline Smith, Course Designer.

“I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Most of my work experience has been in technical documentation for software products.” ~ Alpna Kaushik, Principal Technical Writer

How do you think your background benefits the Provar Education Team? 

“Teaching has shaped who I am and how I perform my job duties. I know that people learn in various ways, and I work hard to make sure my courses appeal to all types of learners.“ ~ Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator

“I have a little bit of knowledge in Instructional Design and hands-on experience with Moodle LMS — both of which I think can be useful for the UP team..”  ~ Gagan Singh, Technical Writer

“I am not afraid to admit I don’t know something or to ask for help. This has allowed my team to embrace challenges confidently and encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones and push their boundaries.” ~ Jenn Torres,  Director of Education

“I still have a passion for education, and I am grateful I get to continue that work at Provar. One of my favorite aspects of teaching and coaching was putting together the curriculum, which is a large part of my work here. These prior experiences have given me a wide view of education for different types of learners.” ~ Caroline Smith, Course Designer

“Recently, I joined the UP team, and my IT industry experience and knowledge will benefit the team, the organization, and our learners.” ~ Alpna Kaushik, Principal Technical Writer

What do you like most about your team/your position at Provar? 

“I love working with others to create interesting content. Collaboration for the good of our users is advantageous. Our communication is the best thing about our team, hands down.” ~ Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator

“It is easy to collaborate, and the team is so helpful. We help each other during the timely release of documentation and information gathering. Researching and working on various technical projects and getting hands-on experience is what I love most.”  ~ Gagan Singh, Technical Writer

“My team is AMAZING! They are talented, thoughtful, and kind. They are always committed to improving themselves, Provar, and their communities. I feel immensely grateful and inspired.” ~ Jenn Torres,  Director of Education

“From my first day, I have felt both supported and challenged.  I am on a team that strives for collective excellence while encouraging my professional development. Plus, we are growing! Now we can share the learning and collaboration with two more awesome teammates.” ~ Caroline Smith, Course Designer

“Working at Provar and writing about this interesting product makes this job great. I just joined the UP team, and I like that UP creates courses for end-users ease of learning.” ~ Alpna Kaushik, Principal Technical Writer

What is your best advice for someone with a non-technical background who wants to work in tech or at a company like Provar? 

“Jump in! There is so much to learn, but it’s possible. Keep a growth mindset and understand that it won’t happen overnight. Be brave..“ ~ Paula Americo, Educational Content Creator

“Have a learning mentality, and you figure out how to acquire at least a minimum set of skills required for any technical job or position”  ~ Gagan Singh, Technical Writer.

“Go for it! Be confident in the experience you can bring to the company and be open to the challenges and opportunities a company like Provar will provide.” ~ Jenn Torres,  Director of Education

“You can do it! Embrace the learning curve and trust what you know.” ~ Caroline Smith, Course Designer

“Be open to learning. Take advantage of the knowledge and opportunities available to learn and grow!” ~ Alpna Kaushik, Principal Technical Writer

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