The standard timeframe for most DevOps teams is lightning fast and it’s only going to get faster. If your team is challenged with keeping up with that pace of change, how can you close the regression gap, ensure test coverage and support the release of new features quickly and reliably?

During this break-out session, Mohit Gupta, Technical Sales Manager at Provar, shared best practices designed to help innovators accelerate their idea-to-market timetable by crafting a more nimble DevOps model using test automation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the regression gap is and how to close it
  • How to accelerate innovation using test automation
  • How to choose a test automation approach that meets your needs and fits with your DevOps strategy
  • How automation can help address these common testing roadblocks: Lack of consistency in testing, lack of resources and lack of time, spending resources on redundant and repetitive processes