In a world of agile practices and continuous testing, it’s important to automate testing as far as possible; a recent Forrester research study suggested 80%. But how can your team achieve this goal, especially on an ever-changing platform like Salesforce?

Testing is often seen as a major hurdle on the road to achieving continuous delivery, and this is especially true when it comes to Salesforce. But no matter how complex your environment, we can still achieve reliable continuous delivery by overcoming test automation challenges and scaling testing within the DevOps pipeline.

In this webinar Geraint Waters, Product Manager at Provar Testing, will show you how to transform your continuous testing strategy with Provar’s code-free test automation and share some real customer stories of how this was achieved.

You’ll also learn how to:
-Automate tests fast and easily
-Achieve continuous testing within your DevOps pipeline to deliver faster to production
-Easily switch to continuous testing for complex testing scenarios

Webinar: Continuous Testing and Salesforce