Dreamforce attendees at entrance

We Came, We Saw, We Automated

Beyond the many updates involving where Salesforce is going from a technology perspective, we were inspired to see where Salesforce is heading as a global steward of knowledge, equal opportunity and the environment. The work they’ve done to push forward eco preservation, give a platform to young activists, and aid in the shipping of vaccines is an inspiring example of how we can push for bettering ourselves and the communities around us.

With the honor of returning to Dreamforce, we at Provar presented virtually to trailblazers all over the globe. With complete Salesforce integration, we showed why Provar is perfect for unbreakable tests and (featured in the “Architect” series). Take a look at episode 8 if you haven’t already!

Provar was proud to take part in this amazing event and we are excited for our return (hopefully in person) next year.