Are you tired of manual testing? Good Salesforce testing is essential to good Salesforce delivery. But when manual testing takes too long it can slow down the delivery cycle and frustrate your team’s progress. You need effective automation that accelerates your testing without creating a maintenance problem.

Enter Provar: end-to-end test automation with deep Salesforce support. With Provar’s unique, self-healing tests, you can achieve a test suite that covers your end-to-end processes while minimizing automation maintenance.Join us for this introductory webinar as we demonstrate how to achieve test automation that’s easy to set up, simple to maintain and readily integrated into your DevOps pipeline.In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Provar addresses the unique complexities of testing on the Salesforce platform with reliable and reusable automation
  • How Splunk used Provar to automate their end-to-end purchase order flow and reduce testing time by 75% in 3 months from adoption.
  • How Alm. Brand used Provar with GitLab and Docker to run nightly tests for immediate and regular feedback to the delivery team. Register now to reserve your place.
Webinar: Provar 101: Introduction to Test Automation