Modern leaders are looking to address the scary $61 billion annual cost of software failures with a shift-left mentality for delivering quality software. However, as teams shift their testing efforts left, cognitive dissonance or inconsistent attitudes and expectations for software testing can become costly to teams performance. In our Provar community discussion, agile test leader Maaike Brinkhof shares effective strategies for how others can shift their testing left, while also moving to a true DevOps culture.

Key takeaways:

  • Communicating the value of testing as an integral part of a modern DevOps team
  • Identifying the hidden human costs of shifting left and how to transform testing from something that’s perceived as scary into diplomatic communication that helps teams
  • Scaling your circle of testing influence in a DevOps environment to help mitigate risks, improve team morale, and deliver quality products for your customers

Looking for concrete examples to help transform scaring into effective caring strategies for your teams? Be sure to watch our leadership discussion with Maaike and the Provar community.

About Our Speaker:

Maaike is an independent agile tester and iOS developer. She loves testing because there are so many ways to add value to a team, be it by thinking critically about the product, working on the team dynamics, working to clarify the specs and testability of the product, getting the whole team to test with exploratory testing – the options are almost endless! She likes to help teams who are not sure where or what to test. During ‘analogue time’ Maaike likes to practice powerlifting, reading books and drinking different kinds of craft beer. Follow her on Twitter for more leadership insights.