Another year, another Salesforce release: Salesforce Spring ’19 is currently in its sandbox preview window and as usual we’ve released a new Provar version to support the latest features and changes.

The good news for Provar users is that we focus on staying ahead of Salesforce’s tri-annual releases to help minimize the impact on our users. For the majority of Provar’s UI locators, we’re able to make any required changes before Salesforce release their updates. We aim to do this within Salesforce’s pre-release window so that our users still have time to run their own regression tests during the sandbox preview. That’s why we released Provar’s Spring ’19-compatible version to our users on Friday 4th January 2019, to coincide with the start of Salesforce’s sandbox preview.

Provar’s latest release contains general support for Salesforce’s Spring ’19 release with enhancements to support key changes, including:

…and more! Click here to read the release notes.

But it’s not enough to know a new release is happening: it’s important for all testers to find out what’s included in Salesforce’s Spring ’19 release. This will help you understand the impact of it on your organization and what changes, if any, you’ll need to make to your tests.

To help you do this, we’re running a Spring ’19 for Testers webinar next week where we’ll tell you about the most relevant changes for testers and show you how Provar is supporting customers through them. We’ll also show you some new user-requested features that you can take advantage of in your own testing.

In this webinar on Thursday 17th January, you will learn:

  • What to expect in Salesforce’s new Spring ’19 Release
  • What changes will affect testers and the steps you can take to prepare
  • What else is new in Provar’s 1.9.6 release, including Salesforce CPQmobile emulation, and other user-requested improvements
  • A recap of the features we launched in Provar 1.9.5, such as secrets encryption and changes to the Test Builder
  • A summary of the changes currently in progress for the next couple of releases
Webinar: Spring ’19 for Testers