How can organizations apply the right end-to-end testing automation strategies for their needs? And how can companies stay ahead of the changes and challenges of testing hybrid and cloud-based applications?

In this whitepaper, we share Provar’s latest customer research and feedback, as well as recent industry trends and research, to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with automated end-to-end solutions. Additionally, we discuss how our suite of products, including Provar Manager and Provar Automation, can empower your teams and deliver total end-to-end testing coverage.

What is end-to-end testing?

End-to-end testing validates workflows across an application from beginning to end, replicating real user scenarios to validate integration and data integrity across interconnected systems. In Salesforce, end-to-end testing involves testing interactions that happen within and with Salesforce, and within and with other connected applications, databases, and integrations.

Why Automate?

In a recent customer survey, 90% of Provar customers said the primary reason they purchased Provar was to reduce the time and/or costs associated with manual testing. 70% wanted to deliver higher quality releases and 60% wanted to accelerate their release cycle.

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