That's why you need a test automation solution that is well-equipped to test Salesforce configurations.

Salesforce is such a comprehensive platform that its standard configurations alone provide users with the flexibility to meet many of their organizational needs, but for scaling businesses, standard configurations eventually make for a glass ceiling.

To shatter it, these businesses must prioritize customizations — functions or features that are not readily available in the application that are designed and coded in by a development team.

Most test automation solutions on the market today simply are not capable of handling Salesforce customizations without incurring extensive maintenance and unreliable, brittle tests. An ill-equipped solution can stall innovation, becoming a bottleneck rather than an enabler.

You want to innovate without limits, and the wrong test automation solution for your organization can steamroll your Salesforce customizations and impede your offerings. Provar Automation is your solution.

This White Paper covers

After reading, you will be armed with the knowledge of how to best approach test automation for your Salesforce customizations, ensuring that only the sky’s the limit rather than brittle tests and endless maintenance.

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