To keep pace in the industry, organizations are always searching for software solutions that put efficiency and effectiveness front-and-center. But as teams successfully scale their testing, quality management efforts often grow exponentially — leading to collaboration issues, productivity lags, confusion, and costly rework.

If your team is bogged down by ballooning quality management efforts, fear not. A solution with built-in test management capabilities like Provar Manager can help your team streamline workflows, manage quality, and drive better outcomes.

Improve Release Predictability, Speed, and Quality 

Solutions that offer built-in test management capabilities empower teams to improve release predictability, speed, and quality. By centralizing test planning, design, execution, and analysis, teams can ensure alignment with release timelines — reducing bottlenecks and accelerating release cycles. 

With Provar Manager, teams can streamline their planning, scheduling, and tracking processes in one centralized quality management hub. Provar Manager empowers teams to fine-tune their efforts throughout the entire testing process, leading to higher-quality releases in less time and with improved customer satisfaction.

Increase Governance and Lower Business Risk 

Let’s face it — effective risk management and governance are critical for every testing initiative. And while risk factors and scenarios are different for every organization, solutions with built-in test management capabilities can increase governance and lower business risk by providing a centralized platform for quality assurance and test management. By maintaining a clear audit trail of testing efforts, organizations can mitigate risk and safeguard their business interests. 

Provar Manager allows organizations to easily plan, manage, and track testing across teams, improving collaboration and reducing costly human error. With Provar Manager, teams can execute tests more efficiently, DevOps leaders can track their progress and performance in real-time, and organizations can ensure regulatory compliance and lower business risk. 

Connect and Collaborate in One Centralized Quality Hub

In any successful DevOps endeavor, effective collaboration is key. Software solutions with built-in test management capabilities provide a centralized, easy-to-use platform where teams can collaborate, connect, and share insights and information in real-time. By consolidating their testing activities, teams can communicate more effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and drive innovation. 

Provar Manager provides an intuitive, easy-to-use quality management hub that allows teams to streamline their entire software QA process and foster collaboration. The centralized quality management hub empowers teams to connect existing systems, integrate applications and workflows, and manage and monitor quality across the entire testing landscape. With Provar Manager, teams can collaborate easily to achieve their quality goals

Seamlessly Integrate with Applications

For organizations with already established tech stacks and workflows, the right test management solution must feature built-in test management capabilities and integrate with frequently used applications, automation tools, issue tracking systems, and continuous integration platforms. By leveraging their existing tools and workflows, teams can streamline their testing and maximize efficiency. 

Provar Manager drives quality across the development lifecycle through seamless integrations with applications including Flosum, Quality Clouds, Clayton, Jira, PMD, and more. The centralized hub allows teams to schedule and execute automated tests on multiple platforms and at the same time — shortening release cycles and reducing rework. 

Generate Real-Time Reports and Gain Holistic Insights

In today’s data-driven world, organizations need accurate, actionable information to drive innovation and stay competitive. With its built-in test management features, Provar Manager provides robust reporting and analytics in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate quality center. Teams can analyze data and insights on test cases, risk, and test owners in real time, share information among departments, and identify where to drive quality improvement efforts. Provar Manager offers customizable reports and dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of quality metrics. With Provar Manager, teams can gain insights to increase test coverage, fix bugs faster, and optimize their quality efforts. 


For modern testing teams, a comprehensive quality assurance tool that offers built-in test management capabilities is essential to success. By improving predictability and quality, mitigating risk, fostering collaboration, seamlessly integrating with applications, and providing real-time reports and insights, Provar Manager empowers teams to achieve their testing goals with confidence. 

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