For organizations that use Salesforce for their most important business processes, maintaining quality in complex environments is a constant challenge. Often, organizations must make difficult decisions to strike a balance between saving time, minimizing costs, and maintaining quality.

As Salesforce ecosystems grow, the ability to manage quality across browsers and platforms becomes increasingly important. However, maintaining quality with limited time and resources can prove nearly impossible.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of cross-browser and cross-platform testing for organizations that use Salesforce and how Provar Grid can help you maintain quality without sacrificing time or causing costs to skyrocket.

What is Cross-Browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing is the process of evaluating a website, web application, or Salesforce element across different web browsers and web browser versions to ensure their functionality and compatibility. With an ever-growing number of web browsers available — including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge — each one can read, interpret, and render web elements and Salesforce instances differently. Cross-browser testing ensures that web content looks and functions consistently across browsers.

What is Cross-Platform Testing?

Cross-platform testing refers to the assessment and testing of a software application’s compatibility across multiple operating systems and devices. For organizations that use Salesforce, cross-platform testing includes verifying that Salesforce functions correctly across multiple operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux, and across devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and other platforms.

Why Are Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing in Salesforce Important?

In today’s world, testing websites and Salesforce elements on a single browser or for just one device doesn’t cut it. Customers expect a smooth and reliable experience on the websites they visit, no matter what browser or device they choose to use. Cross-browser testing and cross-platform testing are essential for organizations that use Salesforce — especially as customers increasingly use alternate browsers on a variety of devices.

Cross-browser and cross-platform testing can help organizations minimize bugs, maintain quality, and mitigate disruptions to customer experiences. But as the number of platforms and devices that must be tested increases, so do the time and cost it takes to maintain quality and keep customers happy.

Best Practices for Cross-Browser Testing with Provar

To effectively perform cross-browser and cross-platform testing, you can utilize the following best practices.

1. Automate Testing with Provar Grid

Invest in solutions like Provar Grid, which offers a parallel testing solution that works across various browsers and different devices simultaneously. This solution complements Provar Automation and Provar Manager and supports your end-to-end testing needs. Provar Grid enables users to plan, schedule, and execute their tests completely in the cloud, with no added infrastructure, thus speeding up QA execution while improving efficiency and flexibility.

2. Prioritize Browsers and Platforms

Identify the most commonly used browsers and platforms among your target audience. Focus on ensuring compatibility and functionality for these first, as they will have the greatest impact on user experience.

3. Test Early and Often

Incorporate cross-browser and cross-platform testing early in the development cycle. By testing early and frequently, you can identify and address issues before they become major problems, ultimately saving time and resources.

4. Utilize Parallel Testing

Take advantage of Provar Grid’s parallel testing capabilities. Parallel testing allows you to run multiple tests at the same time across different browser and device combinations, significantly reducing the time required to complete testing.

5. Leverage Cloud-Based Testing

With Provar Grid, you can perform your tests in the cloud, eliminating the need for maintaining complex testing infrastructures. This not only reduces costs but also increases the scalability and flexibility of your testing processes.

6. Maintain Comprehensive Test Coverage

Ensure your test cases cover a wide range of scenarios, including different browser versions, operating systems, and devices. Comprehensive test coverage helps ensure that your Salesforce applications deliver a consistent user experience regardless of how they are accessed.

7. Monitor and Analyze Test Results

Regularly monitor and analyze your test results to identify patterns and recurring issues. Use this data to improve your testing processes and to make informed decisions about where to focus your testing efforts.

How Provar Grid Helps Organizations with Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing

So, how can organizations maintain quality across an ever-growing number of browsers and devices and keep their diverse customers happy with their online experiences?

Investing in comprehensive automated testing solutions like Provar Automation and Provar Grid empowers organizations to increase the quality of their products and services while minimizing the impact on time. Our flagship product, Provar Automation, has led the market and helped organizations transform the way they test Salesforce since 2014.

Alongside Provar Grid, organizations can benefit from a parallel testing solution that works across various browsers and different devices at the same time — enabling users to plan, schedule, and execute their tests completely in the cloud, simultaneously, with no added infrastructure. With Provar Grid, organizations can automate their tests once, select the browser/platform combination and parallelization that suits their needs, and click “Go,” — increasing the speed of their QA execution while improving efficiency and flexibility. It’s that easy!

Wrapping Up

At Provar, we create solutions to make quality management easier, faster, and more effective for organizations that use Salesforce, even in the most complex environments. Our powerful solution Provar Grid gives organizations a parallel testing solution that allows them to test Salesforce — and maintain the highest standards of quality — across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices. Get started by talking with a member of our team about your unique needs!

Want to learn more about how Provar’s quality testing solutions can help your team? Connect with an expert today!